Letter: “Grave differences in the people you have elected to Cemetery Commission”

Letter to the Editor: It is Vital that the voters of the Town of Upton realize the grave differences in the people you have elected to the Cemetery Commission in good faith. I believed you elected myself to this position to Help people who are dealing with the stark reality and cruelty of death and I am trying very hard to do just that. I know that one of my fellow commissioners has been helping people for 26 years and has displayed his dedication over and over. But, there are three … [Read more...]

Letter: Seeing through the weeds

Submitted by Mendon resident Jay Washburn I recently read a letter in the Crier which I thought asked a good question. Why would a school district with declining enrollment need an override to stay afloat? Although the writer’s numbers were a tad off, per Massachusetts DOE numbers district enrollment declined by 354 students since FY10, the question itself remains a good one and deserves an answer. In FY07 the state began increasing the mandated contribution of the towns to the schools … [Read more...]

Letter: In order to fund the schools at the current level, we must pass the override

Dear Upton Daily Editor, I am not an expert in the field of education. I am just a parent trying to do what’s best for my child. The reason I am supporting the override to fund the school district’s budget comes down to this. In order to fund the schools at the current level, we must pass the override. For me, this is not so much about moving the schools forward as it is not forcing them to move backward. My son was at Miscoe Hill in 2010, when the last override failed. The education he … [Read more...]

Letter: Mom grateful for swift action taken by Mendon Upton School District and Upton PD

I want to pass my sincere thank you for the prompt outstanding exceptional professionalism to both Mendon Upton Regional School District and the Upton Police Department for services provided during the recent safety concern at the high school. I am grateful for your swift action to determine any potential safety risk incurred to the school community. Your immediate, communicative, appropriate course of action is greatly appreciated one which does not go unnoticed. It is important to not take for … [Read more...]

Letter: A Tale of Two Towns

submitted by Ken Picard Five years ago both governments of Mendon and Upton were struggling financially due to the economic slowdown.  These financial struggles impacted the local governments’ ability to supply services that their constituents needed and expected, which includes our Regional School Districts, Police Departments, Fire and EMS Departments, and our Public Works Departments.  The demographic of Mendon and Upton are very similar.  Our similarities include:  population, per capita … [Read more...]

Letter: A yes vote benefits every student, parent and property owner in Mendon and Upton

Dear Editor, It is March 2015 and the world continues to change around us. Discoveries in science, medicine and technology advance. In the field of education we know more about memory and learning then ever before. We understand today that education is more than lecture, drill, test, repeat. The interplay between exercise, nutrition, interpersonal communication, brain development, health, exposure to the arts and hands on learning is better understood. We know that to help a child reach his … [Read more...]

Letter: Regardless of political affiliations we should all unite by Elias Hanna

To the Editor, I would like to congratulate our new State Representative, Mr. David Muradian, for his very well organized and respectful campaign. In our great democracy, our district voters have spoken with their vote and David Muradian is now our Representative on Beacon Hill. Regardless of our political affiliations, we should all unite to make his job more productive and fruitful for our district. Although I personally did not vote for David, he now has my full support. Marty Green is a … [Read more...]