Letter: David Muradian a man of character, passion, and resolve by Andrew Clarke


submitted by Andrew Clarke

Dear Mr. Editor,

On November 4th, we have the opportunity to elect the new State Representative for the Ninth Worcester District. It’s up to you and I as individual voters to decide who we think will best represent the towns of Grafton, Northbridge, and Upton on Beacon Hill.  Not just represent all 3 towns, but is also a person who has the desire and passion to spend all the necessary time around the district to ensure the policies they support, legislation they craft, and votes they cast in the State House are in our best interest.

I have met both candidates and spent time speaking with them about economic development, local aid, and reforming some of the state agencies encumbered with over-spending. I came away with the feeling that one will continue serving our District in the manner we’ve come to expect for decades. And the other left me feeling he’d only be volunteering some of his time.

Having worked for George Peterson over the past 7 years, David Muradian has 1st-hand knowledge of the issues facing residents, business and municipalities of the District, familiarity with the state agencies to ensure that from day 1 our needs are being heard and met, and a seat at the table to ensure he will be listened to by representatives from both sides of the aisle. David is a man of character, passion, and resolve. And the person we need representing the Ninth Worcester District.

On November 4th, please join me in voting David Muradian as our next State Representative.


Andrew Clarke


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