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lettersTo the Editor:

In the final days of the campaign to elect our next state representative, I decided to educate myself on the two candidates on many issues, including what kind of leadership experiences the two candidates possess. In my perspective, the biggest issue facing the residents of Grafton is the proposed development by the Grafton & Upton Railroad. Mr. Green recently issued a statement stating that he supports economic development, however he believes all businesses should have to comply with Grafton building regulations
to protect the health and safety of Grafton residents. I have not been able to find any statement from Mr. Muradian regarding his stance on the project. In fact I heard rumors that Mr. Muradian was supportive of the Grafton & Upton Railroad project, but wasn’t sharing his stance.

By doing further research, I found on Mr. Muradian’s campaign financial statement that his campaign accepted a $500 donation from the owner of the Grafton & Upton Railroad. In fairness, I researched Mr. Green’s campaign financial report and he doesn’t have any reported donation from the owner of the railroad. This makes me question whether Mr. Muradian can be the objective and independent leader we want in our next state representative. While I understand the donation was one of many to his campaign, it begs the question why would Mr. Muradian accept such a donation knowing how important the proposed project is to the residents of Grafton, and does this explain his silence on the issue?

We need a representative who can be an independent leader to assist local leaders on very important issues like the railroad project. So please join me in voting for Marty Green, he has 9 years of experience at the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, where he had to work with a board of directors in representing the business and community interests of the region. That experience should be critical in working with town and business leaders.
George Stifo
Grafton, MA 01519


To the editor:

On Nov. 4th, I will vote for Marty Green to serve as the next State Representative for the 9th Worcester District.  I believe that Marty has the education and experience that makes him the best candidate for the job.  I urge the residents of Grafton, Upton and Northbridge to vote on Nov. 4th.  It is our responsibility to participate in the process.  Check out both candidates’ websites or contact them and learn about both men before casting your vote.

Many letters have included Marty’s extensive education and experience.  I would like to highlight Marty’s community involvement.  For me, community involvement is a true indicator to his character and family values.  I place great importance on someone’s commitment to volunteering and participating and working towards making his community a better place to live. He has volunteered for many years for the Boy Scouts, the Whitin Community Center, the Uxbridge Rotary Club and St. Patrick’s church.   I believe that he will bring that responsibility to community and real world experience to our district as our State Representative.

Marty understands the challenges that our local communities, businesses and schools are facing.  He has seen these challenges first hand as a member of the Northbridge Board of Selectmen and as the Economic Development Director and Executive Director of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce.  He will work hard to bring monies back to our communities and fight for our district. Marty is the best candidate to serve our district on Beacon Hill.

Please join me in voting for Marty Green for State Representative on Nov. 4th.


Jennifer Thomas



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  1. How can you think call green can be independent or objective? When it comes to politics he is as progressively liberally partisan as they come. Like most progressives liberals he thinks raising taxes and fees is a way to fix the issues we face.

    What Green doesn’t understand and never has since I have known him is that we have a spending problem and an entitlement problem in Massachusetts. I would also like to point out that the Massachusetts legislative branch is overwhelmingly democrat. If you want to fix the problems in Massachusetts electing another progressive liberal to office will not fix the broken system we have.

    Marty might be a “nice guy” but will make a horrible elected official and I say that because I know him. I have experienced his lack of leadership first hand.

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