Upton mulls new animal control bylaw

kenne2Upton Selectmen are preparing to introduce a new animal control bylaw to voters and spent some time during their regularly scheduled meeting discussing what should be included.

Members are proposing the new bylaw include allowing dogs on Kiwanis beach during the off-season; October 1 through May 31. Currently dogs are not allowed on Kiwanis Beach.

Selectman Bob Fleming noted many of the beaches on Cape Cod have this policy and it is not a problem. Town Manager Blythe Robinson wanted to make sure people are aware of  what type of mess might be left on the beach. “We already struggle throughout the summer season to take care of the geese and what they leave behind. To add dogs at any time of year will be something we can’t keep up with and I would hope people would pick up after them, as they should,” said Robinson.

The bylaw will also address whether dogs will be allowed at Heritage Park. The selectmen are waiting for confirmation from the Historical Commission before making a determination.

Robinson is recommending tightening up the time period to obtain a dog license before a fine is issued. Currently residents have from January 1 to June 30. Robinson recommends changing that  to January 1 to March 30. “Giving people such a long time to register is counterproductive,” Robinson said.

The Town will also be working to get more dogs licensed. “We have a strong suspicion a lot of dogs are not registered,” said Robinson. “The Animal Control Officer is working on that now,” she said.

The proposed animal control bylaw includes fining owners of dogs found roaming. Robinson said they are trying to keep those fines low and noted they would give a warning for the first time and work with residents. Residents who are repeat offenders would face double fines.


  1. Could we add “pick up after your dog when walking it and it defficates on your neighbors lawn?” Or whenever it defficates not on your own property? That would mean while at the park, beach, neighborhood walk, etc. all encompassing.

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