Nipmuc Announces John and Abigail Adams Scholars

john and abigail adams scholarshipNipmuc Regional High School is pleased to announce that fifty-eight students in the class of 2015 have qualified to receive the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship based on their performance on grade 10 MCAS English Language Arts and Mathematics tests. This scholarship entitles students to four years of free tuition upon their acceptance to a participating Massachusetts public institution of higher education, including a University of Massachusetts campus, a Massachusetts state university, or a community college.

This is an exceptional achievement, especially when considering that 76% of the Class of 2015 earned an advanced score on the math test and 61% of the entire class earned an advanced score on the ELA test. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Emily Agro
Madison Armstrong
Lindsay Bailey
Ateha Bailly
Eloise Baynham
Nathan Bentley
Jillian Bertrand
Kimberly Bohan
Daniel Burke Perez
Patrick Carey
Gabriella Carreiro
Chereen Chalak
Jesse Charpentier
Lauren Comfort
Regan Conrad
Tyler Costello
Dylan Coyle
Madeline Davidshofer
Kristen Denson
Drew DiPoto
Lindsay Doyle
Brandon Esker
Stephanie Esker
Cullen Farragher
Jenna Fitzgerald
Katie Friberg
Lillian Gillette
Chelsea Gorius
Molly Gould
Lauren Guertin
Roma Gujarathi
Jeremy Hall
Catherine Hill
James LaCroix
Tyler Lefebvre
Samuel Manning
Elizabeth Manser
Brynn Mitchell
Elena Morganelli
Ian Murphy
Madision Neri
Hannah Nielsen
Elizabeth Nigro
Eoin O’Connell
Evan Offord
Jay Patel
Devon Poe
Madison Polay
Kurt Robakiewicz
Andrew Saltzberg
Erika Scott
Julia Sharp
Allison Shaughnessy
Jaycie Stoopack
Elias Tamagni
Philip White
Melody Wiklund
Melissa Wojnowski

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