Nipmuc After Prom Committee Needs Your HELP


2013 After Prom at Nipmuc. The theme was based on the novel Night Circus. Pictured are card tables where students played for gift certificates and other prizes – contributed

The Nipmuc After Prom Committee needs your help, your hands, and or your donations.

The Nipmuc After Prom Event is an event hosted all night at Nipmuc High School immediately following the prom. After an evening of dining, dancing, and discovery at the New England Aquarium prom goers will return to Nipmuc where they will be locked into the school for a night of games, snacks, bouncing, and hanging with their friends.  The After Prom Party is a great way  to keep students safe, and the committee needs your help.

The next scheduled meeting for the Nipmuc After Prom Party is Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at 6:30 pm in the Gathering Room at Nipmuc.

Parents or anyone interested in heling are invited to attend to help with the planning of the overnight event, which will be following the Prom on Friday, May 15th.

Thank you to the parents and local business who have made donations to help defray the cost of the APP; your generosity is truly appreciated.  If you wish to donate, a check may be mailed to Nipmuc Regional High School, After Prom Party, 90 Pleasant Street, Upton, MA 01568.  Or you can donate through this PayPal Link (you might have to cut and paste it into your browser for it to work)

If you are able to donate food or beverages or are interested in joining the food committee, please contact Tina Scott at

To assist with decorating, please contact Deb Neri at

We are in need of parent volunteers to chaperone during the event, please contact Robyn Sharp at

To learn more about the After Prom Party, please contact Tanna Jango

The following link is to Sign Up Genius where parents can sign up to help.


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