Nipmuc Regional High School and Upton PD Investigate Potential Hit List


Nipmuc Regional High School Principal John Clements sent an email to parents at approximately 2 p.m. today stating the school had learned of a student who created a list of students he may wish to cause harm to.

Clements advised parents the school has been working with the Upton Police Department to determine the nature of the list and any potential safety risk posed to the school community.

Superintendent Dr. Maruszczak said, “Upon sorting out this incident with the Upton Police Department, the high school administration immediately contacted the parents of the 60 students that were on this list.  We conducted a meeting with the parents at 1:00 pm to share the facts and answer all questions to the best of our ability.  Shortly afterward, we also met with the students (with their parents) and shared the facts of the case. “

Maruszczak advised the school will continue to work closely with the Upton Police Department as they continue their investigation.  “The school administration takes this situation very seriously and accordingly, has removed the student from the school.   A disciplinary process consistent with school and district policy as well as State law has commenced,” he said.

“As always, student safety is our top concern and responsibility,” said  Maruszczak. “We will continue to work with our students and their families through available support and counseling through this disconcerting incident,” he said.

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