Upton Daily Endorses Bob Fleming for Selectman

uptondaily1pngPrior to starting Upton Daily two years ago, I, Jennifer Doyle, rarely paid attention to local politics.  Two years ago I might not have been able to name one person on the Board of Selectman. Today I know more about local politics than I am willing to admit.

After watching almost every Board of Selectman meeting for two plus years I am confident in Bob Fleming’s vision for the Town of Upton.

What impresses me most about Bob is his ability to bring the issues to the people. Bob takes pride in engaging and listening to the community and is always putting the peoples voice first.  For example Bob recently said, “By law, the Board of Selectmen create the ballot questions for the voters. The voters should have the right to make the decision on the override. It would be wrong for me to deny the voters their right to decide. My opponent would deny them that right.”

Bob sees the value in a strong educational system. Bob supports the override for the school budget and has been a longtime supporter of education in Upton,  I recently learned Bob was part of the feasibility study which worked on getting Nipmuc HS and the new Memorial School built.

Here are some things Bob is working to address within the Board of Selectmen’s Strategic Leadership Plan:
  • Working through a grant with Central Mass Regional Planning, I’m looking at ways to improve the functionality and aesthetics of our downtown area. Multi use involves small retail shops with apartment units. Not large commercial complexes.
  • Energy efficiency planning, green Communities Grant. We just realized $148,000 grant. This was applied to upgrade energy efficiency at Memorial School and other town buildings. This is an ongoing process to create a greener community.
  • A Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) program for $8,000,000. This is going through state approvals and will result in total restoration of the roadway from West Upton to the Hopkinton line. To be completed over a 3 year period funded by the state at little cost to the Upton taxpayer.
  • Structured educational and training plan for employees and members of local government. We just trained 45 personnel on the mandated Open Meeting Law for compliance. This will help protect the town from potential liability. Other classes on various topics are being scheduled.
  • Regionalization, reaching out to neighboring towns to create better services at reduced costs. Presently we have 4 shared positions and additionally provide dispatch call down for Hopedale to our PD. This service creates revenue from Hopedale and allows us to add services in public safety for our citizens.
  • The need for a Community Center for Seniors. Although not to be completed in the immediate future, planning must start now. Working with the Library study committee, we’re researching a potential new library as a combined library, senior center and general meeting area.
  • Instituted a pavement management program that has created a mapping to prioritize what roadways need attention and to establish a better roadway maintenance program, based on the limited funds available.

When Upton Daily asked Bob about his service to Upton he said, “Serving the people of Upton has been a very rewarding experience and with vision, I look forward to having the opportunity to continue my work in keeping Upton the town in which we are all so proud to live.”

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