Letter: Is it selfish to want a good school system for our community?

letterIs it selfish to want a good school system for our community?

Maybe wanting one makes me a bad person. I think you would be hard pressed not to find a selfish parent who only wants the best for their kid(s). I want my kids to have the same great education and opportunities that I had. I want them to have more. I went to a public high school where there were many opportunities offered to us and fantastic sports programs where I didn’t have to pay absurd amounts of money to participate. I could choose from different languages, music and arts programs and was never in a classroom where the class size was unreasonable. Yes, my parents paid a lot in taxes. That “free” education helped me get me where I am today.

My husband and I moved to Mendon 14 years ago. One of the main reasons we moved here was because of the reputation of the school system. We bought our house and didn’t have children for more than half the time we have lived here. This is the first year we have a child in the school system. We work hard, pay our taxes and have gone out and supported the schools every single time they have asked. Why? Certainly not because we like paying higher taxes. Because our neighbors and relatives had kids in the school system. A good school system can make or break your town. It is one of the most important deciding factors in why people choose where to move too and plays a major role in home values. New families with young children don’t move to towns with mediocre school systems if they don’t have too. They too are selfish. They want the best for their kids.

Tomorrow is an extremely important town vote for an override for our school system. The state is expecting our towns to shoulder more of the financial burden and kick in more money than ever before for our school to remain status quo. The school system is asking for additional funds to help get us back to where we were and make our school system among the top in the state. I am selfish. I want that for my kids. I want it for my neighbors’ kids. I want it for our town. I don’t want huge cuts. I don’t want crazy class sizes where our kids don’t get the attention they need. I don’t want high school students to have to continue to pay hundreds of dollars just to play one season of their sport. I want them to have the best opportunities to succeed.

I went out and voted when I didn’t have kids because I believe in the value of education. I hope tomorrow my neighbors will do the same.

Alanna Bodio


Editor’s note – Mendon’s ballot vote for the prop 1 1/2 override is 5/12 while Upton’s vote is May 18.

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  1. Well said. To this I would add that it is said that a government, country, state, town and any society’s success can be ensured by how it treats, supports, and protects it’s women and children. Unfortunately our the portion of our federal taxes that go towards our country’s education is insufficient. As a small town government it is up to us as the people to stand for our children’s future and to back it up with this vote that would bring much needed funds to our schools. It is an obvious connection. When our children are empowered and education put as a priority, our community flourishes. This is an obvious choice. I pray that people awaken to the reality of this connection.

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