Breaking News: Two small dogs killed at local kennel

breakingnewsOn Sunday June 21, 2015 a local family returned from vacation to learn their “sprinkle size” pups were killed by another dog during their stay at Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort located in Grafton.

Gibson’s Natural Pet Resort issued the following statement on Facebook on Sunday June 21.

For the past 13 years, we have welcomed every furry walk of life into our facility as though they were a member of our own families. We have taken great pride in our ability to care for and nurture all furry family members. Our mission has always been to maintain the highest quality of care. Now, we are at a loss for words. There was a unfortunate tragedy involving 3 dogs. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Graham and Odin. We are deeply saddened that we couldn’t fulfill our duties in keeping these two little lives safe. As with all tragedy, words can bring little comfort to the pain this family must endure.

….developing  – 6/23 updated post can be found here



  1. My Dog was there 2 weeks ago before this and was bitten. The kennel refused to say she was bitten even though the vet said it was a 100% a bite. The owner there is a complete db and didn’t even have the decency to call us to apologize or to even admit that my dog had been bitten there, instead he decided to keep doing his own thing and didn’t check in on my dog or nothing, he just kept refusing it happened there. I feel absolutely terrible for this family, but I can see why this happened at Gibson Kennel. The employees/owner are obviously not fit enough to care for people’s pets if stuff like this happens here. At least now everyone will know not to bring their dog here like how I did. RIP puppies.

    1. Your not alone! So many have come forward with similar stories. Lots of bites, broken legs, hot spots, even escaped the kennel into the woods and worse…found towns away days later. The truth is starting to come out about the care people have received and the minimal if any reason as to why or what happened to their four legged friends. Many have been left with pricy vet bills. While their pets were treated with IV’s, medication, even hospitalized. Unfortunately, they thought they were alone and didn’t get anywhere with Gibsons and dropped it. In light of the latest tragedy people are coming out with their stories, knowing it was NO ACCIDENT! Post, post, post so everyone is forwarned. It will alert many and could save another life. Losing TWO dogs to carelessness, poor kennel conditions and protocols is so unnecessary and HEARTBREAKING!!!!

  2. Maybe they should have surveillance cameras. They are obviously not doing a good enough job as a business. I would never put my dog in the care of un-caring people like these people.

  3. Freak accidents don’t happen that way. Tell me what kind of training you had in the event that one dog attacked another? I’m just curious as to the training the staff has in an event like that.

    1. We were trained to react quickly, but in a calm manner. When dogs were exposed to one another in a play yard, There was enough time to react to two dogs in a fight. You simply pull one off the other, and made a note that these two animals can not be together.

      1. Let’s face it now AWF, these dogs (Chihuahua, Mini Poodle and HUSKY) should NOT BE PLAYING TOGETHER!!! So, my guess is this would not fall under your category which means it would NOT be able to be a FREAK ACCIDENT. Something a little more serious was going on here. A little looser on the restrictions sounds more like it. Just because you worked at a facility does not make your privy to the knowings of what was going on here. They said clearly out of their own mouths they didn’t see or hear anything which means they couldn’t pull any dog off another one. Then, they said “they Husky was banging and banging”. They should have taken care of that right away. It seems as though this is NOT rocket science, someone was doing their job.

  4. As a former employee of this kennel, I must say that this is just a freak accident. Bob and the staff at Gibson welcome each and every animal as if they were their own. Unfortunately, There was a mechanical failure which had resulted in this accident. In response to LM1993’s comment: The images which you see are outdoor kennels. When the weather is nice, there is a trap door you pull open so dogs can roam in and out as they please. Unfortunately, With the amount of noise, you cannot always hear exactly what is going on outside. The stability of each and every door is not even in question. If a dog is strong enough, however, It will be able to break it open. These are not bomb proof kennels. Regardless, I believe you’re getting a biased story from this site, and I would still recommend boarding your dog(s) with Gibsons. It is a truly fantastic facility, but unfortunately, This was just a freak accident.

      1. Don’t listen to the guy who knows this facility like the back of his hand? Screw off, Jeff.

    1. I would never leave my dogs at this kennel. We witnessed abuses when workers thought they were not being seen.

    2. If it is known that a door is able to broken open then the door should have been in question. Gibsons are in charge of the facility and its structures as well as the dogs inside of it. The kennel is responsible for this incident. Proper inspections should have been performed regularly to ensure that the structures were up to par and this was obviously not done.

    3. As a FORMER EMPLOYEE you know ALL TOO WELL, what happens at the facility. I highly doubt your a FORMER employee since you won’t list your real name. Nice try. No one buys it for a minute. Again, anyone who can figure out Bob’s story doesn’t jive can figure out your a friend or relative. Not to mention half the employees there a relatives. So your story carries about as much weight as a marshmallow!

    4. Very appropriate answer…BOMB PROOF. Yes, that’s what people are expecting. No, but, they are expecting them to be in working order, not open at will and DOG PROOF!!! Your not helping their case at all.

  5. I went on vacation last Feb 2015, I left my 3 dogs for 9-10 days, the kennel was closing early on Sunday and I was coming back late evening that day, so I asked someone else to pick the dogs for me. When I landed to Logan, I got a text with a pic, one of my dogs had a big hole on the chest, the person who picked them up said that they never called anyone to let us know about it, even though i left them emergency phones, my cell that works overseas, a local number and the name of this person to get in touch in case of emergency, neither they called a vet to at least disinfect the wound . I find hard to believe that nobody noticed a hole so big that you could stick your thumb all the way in the dog chest. They never even called me to explained what happened, they told the person who picked them up that when they were giving him a bath something pop from his chest and that I should probably check with a vet, probably it was a pimple or a tick and that he might need few stiches. I paid over $1000 for boarding, another $1000 to get my dog to the vet on Monday Morning to get that clean and stitch because it was infected he end up having a surgery on his chest. They charged me for washing them, there is no way they washed my dogs. I never called them to ask Gibson what happened, I believe they should call the customer, the dogs were their responsibility. I had booked vacation in April and booked with Gibson but right after the incident I cancelled Gibson. I would never bring my dogs there again, that was my fiist time and my last time there.

    1. Oh, it’s heartbreaking. Thank you, for sharing. Again…these are NOT ACCIDENTS. Also, an accident happens, ONCE.

  6. Something doesn’t sync with the door explanation. So the one dog got out…but were the small dogs just wandering around unattended? Or in their cages or another room. I don’t think the whole story is out and we may never know.

    1. I agree. theres something that does not feel right about this story. Perhaps an employee left a latch open? I would have to assume since it’s a family run business that none of them wil, rat on each other. Anyone who needs a job certainly isn’t going to give up what may have happened. It was also a Sunday so no one was coming in to drop off or pick up pets, and only two employees were working………

      1. Wrong, one of the newspapers quoted Bob Gibson saying “only one employee was working, their teenage son”. Horrifying!

  7. I’ve been taking my dogs to Gibson Kennels since they opened and have never had an issue. According to their facebook page, this was NOT an issue of the wrong dogs being put into a playgroup together, but a mechanical failure in the mechanism separating outdoor runs. It’s a terrible tragedy for the owners of the two little dogs. However, I will continue bringing my current dog to Gibson’s.

    1. a mechanical issue (old weak brackets – which i would assume you would notice when you open and close a gate) that if proper inspection had been done normally would have been caught. if you own a business you mut be detail oriented as it could save lives.

    2. Mango Momma ~ no matter what the “issue” this should NOT have happened. You feel your dog is safe there? 1. They obviously don’t make sure their equipment is in proper working order. 2. HOW was this dog not stopped? NOBODY noticed a dog mauling to death two smaller dogs? I am sure there was plenty of noise!! 3. The family was not notified that there had been an “issue” until they returned to pick up their babies.

    3. No matter what the issue is MANGO MAMMA, #1. Dogs are NOT SAFE here, OBVIOUSLY. #2. Your dog(s) have been VERY LUCKY, in the past. Since this is NOT an isolated incident. Continue to bring your pet there at your own will. OBVIOUSLY a friend. Not my concern. Those who care about their animals will heed the warning signs. Those that can read.

  8. They mix large and small dogs in playtime. My small dog came back from there with 4 puncture wounds…two on his back and two on his stomach…some infected. Clearing a larger dog had decided to chomp on him and they were unaware that it had happened. That was years ago though when they first opened. I would have thought that the mixing situation had been rectified, but apparently not.

  9. I have two large dogs, one of whom did go to day care for a year or two a couple of days weekly. The great thing about our daycare was that small and large dogs are not out at play together. Small dogs had their own area. My dog is not aggressive , but some were-they don’t belong with smaller, defenseless dogs.

    1. That is exactly right Carol, there should be separate sections for large and small breeds. It’s just common sense. I would ASSUME if this is Bob’s business and he trains dogs, knows their temperaments and has this large facility like he does raking in the kind of money he does that he should be well aware of this and this should already be a standard in their procedures. Goes to show they are above the law, do as they feel and whatever happens, happens. Well, looks like the worst has happened and now it’s time to pay the piper. The poor Demers family had to. Just think they paid these people to protect their animals. PROTECT. They would have been better off in a room in their home or their basement with a bowl of water and automatic dog feeder. Sad!

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