Plans in the works for Upton to have a third traffic light: Public Hearing Scheduled for the “TIP” Project

uptonThe State Department of Transportation will be holding a public hearing on the reconstruction of Hopkinton Road, High Street and Hartford Avenue North on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the auditorium of Nipmuc Regional High School.  The purpose of this hearing is to provide the public with the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the proposed reconstruction of these streets, and provide views and comments to the State on the design.  A copy of the hearing notice has been mailed to all abutters to this project, and is available here.

This is a “Transportation Improvement Program” or (TIP) project which utilizes federal and state dollars for eligible transportation projects.  The program will pay 100% of the construction costs, and requires that the community pay the engineering and design fees.  The estimated cost of construction at this point is $8.5 million dollars.  In 2011, the Town appropriated $600,000 to fund those costs, and the engineers have completed about 70% of that work.  The project has been programmed by the regional planning agency to construct the Hartford Avenue North and High Street sections (ending at the Pratt Pond intersection) in 2019.  It is anticipated that the Hopkinton Road section would be completed in 2020.

According to Upton Town Manager Blythe Robinson the project would include a traffic light at the School Street/High Street/Hopkinton Road/Westborough Road Intersection.

Residents who have an interest in the project are encouraged to attend this meeting to learn more about it and provide feedback.  For more information or questions please either contact Blythe Robinson, Town Manager at 508-529-6901, or DPW Director Vincent Roy at 508-529-3067.


  1. I would like all who read the Upton Daily that there is a plan to clear 60+ acres of land. The site is off of 140 just after JJ’s ice cream store. They want to put in solor panels. The was sold by Mr. Track. That is a lot of trees to fall. Maybe we should all look into this. Thank you for reading my comment.

    1. The land between Rt. 140 and Chestnut is only about 12 acres, not 60. It’s better to use it for solar panels rather than another industry that could pollute the environment and add to the traffic on the most dangerous stretch of 140 in Upton. Why isn’t there a TIP program for that area of highway which continues to claim lives every year?

  2. A 3rd light, you’re becoming too urban, glad I moved out right after the 2nd one went up.

    On a serious note, that intersection could definitely use a traffic light especially during the commuting rush hours.

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