Sen. Moore Holds On-campus Student Dialogue at Clark University


BOSTON – Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) recently coordinated a conversation with students at Clark University to discuss their educational experiences, and to receive feedback about ways to improve higher education in Massachusetts.

Senator Moore, who serves as Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, initiated the open dialogue to gain first-hand perspectives about what approaches within higher education are working, and where there may be need for improvement.  The discussion, which has been dubbed “The Dish,” encompassed many key areas including student loan debt, apprenticeships and campus safety.

“I deeply value the students’ candid contributions and thoughtful suggestions,” said Sen. Moore.  “I would also like to thank Clark University for hosting me.  From a policy-making standpoint, it’s important to stay connected with individuals who are directly impacted by bills approved by the Legislature.  I look forward to holding additional campus visits in the coming months to hear a wider range of student voices.”

Senator Moore also encourages students to join the conversation on social media by using the Twitter hashtag #TheDish15.  For more information about Senator Moore, and legislation relative to higher education, please visit

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