Theresa Corley of Bellingham was found dead off of 495 in 1978 – Her Murder Remains Unsolved


Theresa Corley – contributed photo

If you are from the Bellingham area, you may remember thirty-seven years ago on December 6, Theresa Corley, a 19-year-old  from Bellingham, went missing after visiting the Train Stop in Franklin. Three days later her body was found naked in a ditch off of 495.

According to Police it is believed that those involved are still out there. “Someone knows just what happened to Theresa. Whatever the circumstances were or may have been, Theresa should not have perished in such a cruel and careless manner.”

The cold case was recently aired on Fox 25 New England’s Unsolved. Here is a link to their coverage of the case

Theresa’s family is hoping there are people out there who remember or who are now willing to come forward to help solve the crime.

“We are asking the public’s help to open new avenues of investigation. We ask that anyone with information please stand up and come forward to assist us in solving the homicide of Theresa Corley,” said Police.

The investigation remains ongoing. Franklin, Bellingham, and State Police have continued to develop and pursue leads and areas of investigation whenever possible in the years since her murder.

Anyone with information is asked to please stand up and come forward to assist police in solving the homicide of Theresa Corley.

Contact information:

Bellingham Police Tip line @ 508-657-2863

Franklin Police Tip-Line @ 508-440-2780

Norfolk County District Attorney’s Tip line @ 617-593-8840


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  1. Thank you Jennifer Doyle for doing what other publications would not. Gerri Houde/Justice for Theresa Corley Bellingham MA 1978

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