Upton Winter Weather Outlook and Preparedness by Meteorologist Jeb Postle

windowviewPredicting Average To Above Average Temperatures and Average Snowfall This Year – by Meteorologist Jeb Postle

Its that time of year in preparing for the snow and the cold weather. The following article will discuss my brief winter weather outlook and also talk about some tips for keeping your house, family, and car prepared for the upcoming winter.

When making winter weather outlooks, looking at weather oscillations (Global weather patterns) is important. Some of the main weather oscillations looked at are ENSO (El Nino and La Nina), PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation), PNA (Pacific North America Oscillation), AO (Arctic Oscillation), and NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation). With a current El Nino, positive PDO, and positive PNA states, I am predicting average to slightly above average temperatures. Also, I am predicting around average snowfall for the area.  Average snowfall for the Worcester, MA area is around 70 inches. With a positive NAO and AO, I am also predicting a delay on the onset of the coldest temperatures till January or afterward (State Climate Office Of North Carolina, 2015).

With cold temperatures and snowflakes not too far away, I thought it would be a good time to go over some basic winter weather tips.  The following are some tips for preparing your family and house for the upcoming winter:

1). Make a family emergency and communication plan.

2). Winterize your house with insulation.

3). Clean out chimneys.

4). Any ventilation from fuel burning equipment should be clear of obstruction.

5). Make sure to have sufficient heating sources in your house if fuel sources happen to be lost.

6). Have extra blankets and warm clothing available.

7). Keep pets indoors during times of cold and stormy weather.

8). Have a weather radio handy.

Along with your house, the following are some tips to keep your car winter ready and also some items that should be kept in cars for emergencies:

1). Install good winter tires.

2). Have enough anti freeze in the car.

3). Check break fluids and wear.

4). Make sure the heat and defroster work properly.

5). Check your car battery.

6). During cold temperatures, try to keep a full tank of gas.

7). Check your windshield wipers.

8). Have a small shovel handy.

9). Have a windshield scarper available.

10). Drinking water.

11). Snacks available.

12). Emergency flares.

13). Jumper cables.

14). Tow chain and sand.



A). Global Patterns; State Climate Office of North Carolina; 2015, 29th November. < http://climate.ncsu.edu/climate/patterns/ENSO.html>


B). Winter Storms & Extreme Cold; Ready.Gov; 2015 28th November. http://www.ready.gov/winter-weather


Note: If anyone has any weather related questions or concerns, feel free to email me at jebril.postle@gmail.com


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