BVT students earn $491,000 in Adams scholarships

BVT Adams 2015 (1)

BVT Adams Scholars Class of 2015

As graduation nears, a tuition-free college education is one of many options on the table for nearly eighty Blackstone Valley Tech recipients of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship.

Seventy-eight members of the BVT Class of 2016 were recently declared eligible for the award based on their outstanding performances on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exams.  Each year, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education awards the Adams Scholarship to students who earned scores of Advanced and Proficient on grade 10 MCAS tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics (with at least one score of Advanced) and earned a combined score within the top 25 percent of their school district.

The BVT winners are now eligible to receive tuition waivers if they enroll full-time in a Massachusetts public college or university. According to the state Department of Higher Education, if each BVT winner were to attend a University of Massachusetts school for four years, the collective renewable value of their Adams scholarships would equal roughly $491,000. 

Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick noted that last year, the John and Abigail Adams Scholarships were among nearly $1.5 million in renewable scholarships and awards earned by Valley Tech graduates.

“Post-secondary training and education have become requisites for advancement down an ever-growing number of career pathways,” Fitzpatrick commented. “At the same time, the cost of such training and schooling has climbed, and student debt has burdened the transition into professional life. Our students are well equipped to offset that burden by attaining awards and scholarships to assist them in their continued career training.”

 The following members of the BVT Class of 2016 (listed alphabetically by town) were recently informed of their eligibility for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship:


Trenton Compton, Adam Coutu, Andrew Jewers, Hunter Partington.


Jacob Bernier, Andrew Bissonnette, Corinne Boisseau, Bret Deguire, Brianna Dubois, Darien Giovanella, Jacquelyn Marchand, Jake Osborne.


Benjamin Boisvert, Emma Helstrom, Evan LeBeau, Brian Soltan.


Molly Fritchey, Angelia Wilson.


Michael Altavilla, Connor Belland, Michael Consigli, Matthew Gormley, Joshua Luttrell, Jonathan Rivernider, Jonathan Siryk.


Lourdes Ferreira, Kayleigh Magee, Michael Malangone, Karina Ramos, Elizabeth Rondeau. 


Abagale Flynn, Chantel Gaboriault, Brittney Hjort, Hannah Licarie, Rebecca Rose, Catherine White.


Sarah Axon, Elizabeth DeNoncour, Michael Homand, Nicholas Turbesi.


Samantha Aicardi, Catherine Aviles, Tyler Brodeur, Natalie Greenan, Michael Hartwick, Sami Kafal, Samantha Lord, Matthew Marchant, Sean O’Bannon, Ryan Riddell.


Carson Hope, Lauren Mahoney, Todd Mahoney, Brianna McMullan, Kevin Noonan, Marc Peladeau, Samantha Phillips, Megan Sweeney.


Autumn Campbell, Story DuVall, Theodore Floyd, Hannah Hobill, Natasha Leveille, Derek Mager, Andrea Matellian, Aidan Olson, Spencer Rogers, Tyler Smith, Edward Taylor.


Nicholas Aufiero, Olivia Brochu, Travis Butler, Zachary Dagle, Christopher Lira, Jasmine Oliver, Ryan Pulicari, Jared Robert, Meghan Wills.

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