Nipmuc Announces Forty-Five John and Abigail Adams Scholars

John & Abigail Adams Scholars - Feature Friday

Class of 2016 John and Abigail Adams Scholars

Nipmuc Regional High School announced forty-five students in the class of 2016 qualified to receive the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship based on their performance on grade 10 MCAS English Language Arts and Mathematics tests. John and Abigail Adams Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive tuition waivers if they enroll full-time in a Massachusetts public college or university,

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education awards the Adams Scholarship to students who earned scores of Advanced and Proficient on grade 10 MCAS tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics (with at least one score of Advanced) and earned a combined score within the top 25 percent of their school district.

According to the state Department of Higher Education, if each Nipmuc recipient were to attend a University of Massachusetts school for four years, the collective renewable value of their Adams scholarships would equal roughly $283,000.

The following members of the Nipmuc Class of 2016 were recently informed of their eligibility for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship:

William Applegate
Jake Barefoot
Brooke Bukunt
Charlotte Burlingame
Samantha Capalucci
Abigail Colombo
Samuel Crocker
Isabel DesRoches
Marla DiPoto
Shannon Dowd
Kristina Dubois
Elizabeth Faubert
William Gavin
Alison Goddard
Elizabeth Hilton
Lauren Jordan
Aaron Kearnan
John Kossuth, Jr.
Ciara Larence
Kiley Larocque
Madison Lynnworth
Hannah Martel
Megan Mathieson
Meghan Mercier
Mary Morcos
Jake Osgood
Jillian Penfield
Karin Plante
Jared Plumb
Sarah Plutnicki
Maxwell Polay
Stephanie Poly
James Rogan
Somaiya Rowland
Madison Sauter
Peter Schiloski
Bryan Seserman
Amanda St. Germain
Carly Thibodeau
Joria Todd
Sarah Tong
Sequoia Tracy Stone
Daniel Whitcomb
William Whitcomb
Steven Wickstrom


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