Lifelong Upton Residents Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary

Gramma & Grampa
Bob and Marion Prentiss

On January 12, 2016 Bob and Marion (“Tiny”) Prentiss, life-long residents of Upton, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.  Family and friends joined in their celebration at a gathering held on January 10 at the Upton VFW. Four generations of family were represented – joining Bob and Marion were their two sons Bruce and Jim, grandchildren Julie Guilbert and Craig Prentiss, and greatgrandchildren Joe Lesiak and Peter Guilbert.

At the ripe old age of 18 Bob and Marion were married in 1946 at the Congregational Church parsonage on Main St. in Upton witnessed by their good friends Dot and Harold Francis.  Following their wedding a party was held at Marion’s parents’ home on School St.  Their honeymoon took place during the summer of 1946 with a trip to Lake Rescue in Vermont along with Dot and Harold.

The 70th anniversary is known as the Platinum anniversary.  The US Census Bureau only tracks marriage longevity statistics up to 50 years of marriage, so finding how many couples make it to 70 years is difficult.  Thanks to the availability of information on the Internet, it appears the state of Nebraska seems to have a history of longevity.  As such, research from the University of Nebraska Omaha indicates that less than one tenth of one percent (0.1%) of married couples celebrate their 70th.

So besides being lucky enough to maintain their health all these years, what do Bob and Marion credit as the secret to staying together for 70 years?  They both agree keeping true love before everything is the key.  Bob, with a wink and a smile, says having an understanding wife helps a lot too.

Congratulations to Bob and Marion!

Submitted by Jim Prentiss

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