Extra Extra Read All About It…Miscoe Hill Publishes First Edition of School Paper


During Monday night’s school committee meeting, Miscoe Hill Principal Ann Meyer was pleased to announce the school’s newly established student published newspaper – ‘Home of the Braves’.

Meyer said the idea came about when parents Melissa Orff and Jodie McGowen approached her in the spring and volunteered their time to get the paper off the ground. Thanks to the help of McGowen, Orff, and Library Media Specialist Karen Arnold the students have enjoyed the experience of creating a newspaper.

“Melissa, Jodi, and Karen really do a terrific job of letting the students do the writing. All three of them are writers. They don’t correct; they have the students correct themselves. It’s really a learning process. It’s truly a middle school newspaper,” said Meyer.

“We were very fortunate to have Karen Arnold, who is the inside coordinator,” said Meyer. Arnold apllied for and received several grants to assist in the funding of the paper.

Eighth-grade editor Emma Cote said she enjoyed bonding with the other members of the newspaper staff, “Getting to know each other was a good part of starting the newspaper,” she said. Emma enjoyed brainstorming and helping the younger students.

“I really like writing,” said fifth-grader Luke Venable. “It’s not like ELA, it’s not like you get assigned something you don’t care about,” he said.

Sixth-grader Casey McGowan worked on the design of the paper. “I liked it because we got to make the newspaper,” she said. “They gave us ads which were fun to design.”

“I’m very proud of the newspaper which was put out,” said Meyer.

Committee Members commended the students on a job well done.

You can check out  ‘Home of the Braves” here.


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