Got MURSD spammy emails? You might like this


The Mendon Upton school district recently rolled out a website which provides parents a convenient non spammy way to find out what’s HAPPENING in the MURSD.

The website will be a place where parents can see all the announcements from each school; it’s intuitive, and user friendly. When you visit the site you can click on any of the schools to see a running tally of the weeks announcements. There will be links to additional information, lunch menus for the week, other websites, etc. Archives will be available.

District Superintendent Joseph Maruszczak said for the foreseeable future the website will be another layer of communication but he thinks it will ultimately be nice to have just one simple platform that everyone can go to. He did state that while many parents find the frequent announcment emails spammy, many parents prefer emails.

A group of tech students from Nipmuc Regional High School will be managing updating and designing the website.


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  1. I appreciate the emails… I would probably forget a time or two to check a website to see if anything new was posted. Although it is nice to have a website to refer back to. It is good to have both.

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