Public Skating Times at Blackstone Valley Iceplex


Public Skating times at Blackstone Valley Iceplex
February Vacation Week:

February 13  7:30-9:20PM

February 14  5:30-7:20PM

February 15  1:00-2:50PM

February 16 1:00-2:50PM

February 17 1:00-2:50PM

February 18 1:00-2:50PM

February 19 1:00-2:50PM

 February 20   7:30-9:20PM

February 21 No Public Skating

Blackstone Valley Iceplex is located at 121 Plain Street, Hopedale, MA 01747. Admission is $5 and rental skates are available for $5 on a first-come, first-served basis. For a list of all the updated daily Public Skating locations and times, visit the website.

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