Opinion: Critical Election In Upton

opinionSubmitted by Joe McMahon – Chairman Cemetery Commission

I have been verbally harassed and insulted repeatedly this entire year by Glen Fowler of the Cemetery Commission.  I have complained to the BOS and Town Manager and was informed that we are both elected officials not appointed and therefore, are answerable to the people who elected us.

Glen is a candidate for re-election – this time for 3 years.  I will not abide continued harassment and insults.   It is Imperative that someone comes forward to challenge the incumbent.  He has pushed for a quadrupling of each cost to town residents purchasing lots or paying to have a loved one buried.  He has insisted that it is illegal to sell any lot without voting for each and every sale at a called meeting (48 hours notice would be required for each one).

If anyone out there is appreciative of the dedication and assistance provided in the past by Richard Randall, by Bob Richard, by Leo Lamanuzzi, by Bill Sadler or myself, then someone has to come forward to help continue that type service and the people of the town need to support that person.   If you want harsh autocracy or just do not care by all means re-elect Glen and I’ll walk away.


  1. I have complained to the BOS and Town Manager and was informed that we are both elected officials not appointed and therefore, are answerable to the people who elected us.

    So can someone please tell me what the BOS and the Town Managers do? Yes the towns people elected these folks, but the BOS and The Town Manager do “run” the town? They sohuld do their job an be arbitrators at least.

    I am a leader in the miltary and currently deployed. I would NEVER let my subordinates berate their subbordinates or let them treat anyone with nothing less than professionalism. Regardless of how they were appointed.

    I am honestly not certain either of these gentlemen should be considered for reelection given the way it appears that they cant work with each other or treat each other with respect.

    I know nothing about running a cemetary, but if i were not 6000 miles a way I would consider running since I do feel our town could use some good leadership and this may be a good place to start..


  2. Rebuttal to Opinion:
    So, Joseph McMahon:
    When you appoint yourself a leader and refuse to lead,
    When you are a follower and refuse to follow,
    When you are a servant of the law and scoff the law,
    When you post a meeting and forget to show up,
    When you neglect all of the duties one would expect of you
    It is a good time to do, at the very least, the one good thing.
    Thank you for promising to resign when I am re-elected.
    Please, someone, anyone take out papers for cemetery commissioner,
    There are now two positions open for election!
    Thank you all!
    Good things and better times are coming your way!
    Glenn Fowler, Cemetery Commissioner for re-election!

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