Nipmuc National Honor Society Inducts 36 students

1456456212.pngThe hard work, achievements, and commitment of 36 Nipmuc High School students were honored at the 54th annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony held on Thursday, February 25 at Nipmuc Regional High School.

The ceremony recognized the Inductees’ dedication in the four pillars of the National Honor Society: leadership, character, scholarship, and service.


National Honor Society Inductees:

Seniors:  Teresa Brossi, Mary Morcos, Olivia Onorato, Madison Sauer, & Aryane Schiavo
Juniors:  Carol Abedelnour, Kaelan Farragher, Joanne Michel,  Paige Murphy
Sophomores:  Caroline Abate, Cole Alibozek, Elina Barrows, Delaney Bolton, Celine Bui, Juliette Carreiro, Erika Comfort, Michael Davidhoffer, Olivia Dolbec, Cameron Dunning, Lindsay Enos, Leah Fitzgerald, Samantha Galicki, Emily Gay, Kiara Griffith, Ryan Kelleher, Owen Lukas, Mackenzie Morgan, Sarah Nasif, Maya Ostoin, Megan Paul, Catherine Prescott, Max Robakiewicz, Natalie Rodman, Christian St. Pierre, Rachel Thibodeau, Lauren Vincens


Seniors: William Applegate,  Brooke Bukunt, Abigail Columbo, Marlo DiPoto, Allison Goddard, Kelly Jionzo, Elizabeth Hilton, Kiley Larocque, Grace Merten, Jake Osgood, Jillian Penfield, Victoria Phillips, Karin Plante, Jared Plumb, Sarah Plutnicki, Stephanie Poly, Angelica Puchovsky, Julia Salvagio, Amanda St. Germain, Carly Thibodeau, Joria Todd, Sarah Tong, and Kelsey Woods.
Juniors:  Dylan Applegate, Michelle Arsenault, Mary Berner, Sarah Bloznalis, Mario Cicconi, Zachary Dawson, Kimberly Frary, Kylie Gallagher, Viola Hibbitt, Alex Jayyosi, Hunter Kadra, Sean Kelleher, Colleenn Lavoie, Meaghan MacKay, Rebeccaa Pfeiffer, Abigail Rapiejko, Rebecca Rausch, Katie Sauer, Dean Sheehan, Vanessa Shepherd, Baily Vogt.

photo courtesy of NHS


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