Open Space Committee Asks For More Time To Research Amato Land

Upton Selectmen discussed whether the town would be interested in purchasing  47 Acres of Land on East Street which has become available through the Amato Investment Trust during their March 1 meeting.

The Trust gave notice to the Town of their intent to sell on February 17. The Town has a 120-day window to exercise their right of first refusal to purchase the land.

The board was initially interested in the property but at this time are considering passing on the opportunity. According to meeting minutes, the selectman said the land is primarily wetlands and the board thought it would be inconsiderate to ask citizens to purchase the land at this time taking into considering last years override.

Bill Taylor, Chairman of the Open Space Committee asked the selectmen to defer their decision to refuse the land until he has a chance to examine it for potential use.

Selectman supported his request and will hold off on making a decision for thirty days.




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