McMahon Hands In Resignation Due To Insults And False Accusations

uptondaily1pngTown of Upton, Board of Selectmen, Town Manager, and general public.

On this day 03/22/2016, I am hereby resigning from the Cemetery Commission.  For more than a year I have endured insults and false accusations via email, public meetings and on Town of Upton web pages.  I have had no relief from the BOS, Town Manager or general public as witness by the non-contest for the up coming election.

Further, I volunteered for the Cemetery Commission to help people in times of need, and find that is being inhibited by mounds of bureaucratic procedures that stymie what  has been public policy for over 26 years in Upton and similar Massachusetts towns. Given these situations, I have no intention of continuing to be victimized.

Respectfully submitted by
Joseph McMahon.


      1. I say resorting to name calling on here really spotlights your low intelligence. No need to act like white trash. Then again, maybe it’s not an act..

  1. I have a lot of respect for the Town of Upton and it’s officials, surely the BOS and others will address all of Mr McMahon,s issues regarding his position with the cemetery commission before they let a good man resign.

    1. I feel very sad about this whole situation because people who run for any town office
      or board do this to give back to the town I believe they truly care and do best job too their ability, Do we all need to be Rocket scientists or Harvard graduates? over time you learn your job it take’s time your time but you are willing because you care and love Upton

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