Where are the Devil’s Footprints in Upton?

PrattHill 045.JPGA reader asked where are Devil’s Footprints?

My question, what are Devil’s Footprints?

I did a little digging, or googling and discovered that on the southern slope of Pratt Hill/south side of Upper Mendon Road is a rock formation called Devil’s Footprints. The footprints are impressions in solid rock, over two miles apart, both about five feet long and two feet wide. Both prints point southward.

The reader has been searching for the unique geological feature for over 40 years and has not been able to pinpoint exactly where they are.

Does anyone have photos?

Any advice on how to find them?

Feature photo is a  split rock wedged with quarts on the southern east side of Pratt Hill. The image is courtesy of rockpiles blogspot http://rockpiles.blogspot.com/2012_05_01_archive.html


  1. Barbara Burke had taken a bus load to see them many years back. They may have photos with historical society

  2. Hi Jenn,
    You have stirred some old memories from the 1940’s and my childhood when my mom and dad and myself along with sis and big brother and other family members would travel to the “Devils Footprint” and hike and picnic in the area. The site is located at the top of the Mendon Street hill just beyond the old Brooks Farm, where I worked as a boy. At that time there were cows feeding in the open fields sitting above a small lake down by the G&URR tracks and was quite scenic. It’s what we did in the “Old days”. As you travel over the hill you will notice a “pull-off area” and a path leading into the woods. It is there, in that gravely area of the “pull-off” that the footprint sat, a one time, very visible. It has long since been covered over with gravel and sand from the highway traffic and time. It appeared to be the top of a ledge with a very flat surface and the distinct shape of a large foot print in the center. I remember each of us stepping into the footprint to compare it to our own foot size. I doubt that after all this time that the effects of nature and man has left much of the “Devils Footprint” to be enjoyed by folks today.
    I hope this has helped you.

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