Nipmuc HS Joins WPI’s Mass Acad. As The Second MA School Granted Membership In The National Consortium Of Secondary STEM Schools


1-9cbbaadf9fNipmuc Regional High School is excited to announce that it has been granted membership in the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS). The NCSSS is a national organization of approximately 100 schools that aims to prepare students for success and leadership in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In joining the NCSSS, Nipmuc joins the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as the only Massachusetts high schools to receive distinction as NCSSS schools.

Nipmuc’s acceptance to NCSSS follows the school’s establishment of the Nipmuc STEM Scholars Program which provides students with rigorous academics, workplace readiness training, connections to colleges, and career experiences in STEM-related fields. Now its third year, the STEM Scholars Program offers students the chance to enhance their academic studies by connecting their coursework to authentic, real-world learning experiences.

The STEM Scholars Program offers students the chance to participate in a variety of programs including an alumni fair, a career and college fair, workplace readiness training, 21st Century Learning Conferences, learning experiences on college campuses, mock interviewing, career shadowing, STEM-related community service, and the development of a STEM portfolio. The program is supported by an advisory board comprised of twenty-seven parents and community members who help to shape the program’s curriculum. The academic program at Nipmuc is supported through the collective efforts of Nipmuc’s administrators and faculty members. Over the past three years teachers have introduced more than 38 new courses, including 19 STEM-related courses and more than 10 Advanced Placement offerings.

In discussing Nipmuc’s acceptance to the NCSSS, Nipmuc Principal John Clements stated, “Nipmuc’s acceptance to the NCSSS is a credit to our school’s efforts to ensure that all of students are ready for success in college and careers. We’re excited to join a select cohort of schools across the nation that are committed to meeting students’ needs through high-quality teaching and innovative programming.”

Associate Principal, Mary Anne Moran shared that she is most excited about “connecting and collaborating with students and educators from other NCSSS schools from across the country.  This membership will be one additional way to ensure that our students acquire the skills for success and competitive advantage in the world beyond Nipmuc.”

Nipmuc’s acceptance to the NCSSS comes shortly after being recognized as one of five high schools in Massachusetts to be named a 2015 Commendation School by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education based on its high achievement and high progress.

On Friday, April 1 Nipmuc will welcome Mr. Michael Barney, Headmaster of the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science to the school to officially offer Nipmuc acceptance into the NCSSS.



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