Meet the candidates Thursday night

meet the candidates

The Upton Bloomer Girls are hosting a Meet the Candidates Night this Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Upton Town Hall in the Main Hall. The event will be recorded and broadcasted on channel 192 the week proceeding the election. All Upton residents are welcome to attend.

The format will include opening statements from the candidates (3 minutes for opposed candidates and 1 minute for unopposed) then the audience will ask questions and candidates will be given 2 minutes to answer and another 30 seconds for rebuttal.  Additional time may be allowed at the Moderator’s discretion.  Candidates will be given two minutes for closing statements. David Loeper will serve as the moderator. The election date is Monday May 2.

Candidates participating in candidates night are:

Kenneth Picard – Selectmen

Gary Daugherty – Selectmen

Mildred (Morin) Galeone – Upton Housing Authority

Pamela Goodwin – Upton Housing Authority 

William Taylor – Assessor of Taxes

Richard Robinson – Board of Health

Camille Hamlet – Trustee of the Public Library

Glenn Fowler – Cemetery Commission  (if he can get someone else to videotape the event otherwise he will be running the camera)

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