Don’t know who sent you a check, don’t cash it!

Who wouldn’t want to cash a check for a couple of thousand dollars!

Be warned – there’s a catch and it will cost you.

Bob Moore of Upton received a check yesterday via UPS overnight delivery for $2,200 from Transnetyx Inc., Memphis TN, it was too good to be true.

“Since I was not expecting a check and had never done business with this company I became suspicious,” Bob said.

He checked the company’s  website and discovered that the check was fraud.  “I was told to contact the local bank and police department,” he said.

“I went to Unibank to see if the check could be cashed and it definitely could have been cashed.  But, if the check was bad I would have been out $2,200.00!” he said.

The Upton Police Department has been advised.

If you get a similar check in the mail, just tear it up and do not cash or spend it. This may also be phishing scam, where they use the check to obtain your personal information.

If you are in doubt, show the check to a bank teller/manager and speak with the police.

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