Upton Police Officer Rankins Receives Honors For Heroic Act

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Sen. Moore, Officer Rankins, Chief Bradley, Rep Muradian – photo courtesy Upton PD

The Upton Board of Selectmen, Upton Chief of Police Michael Bradley, Upton Fire/EMS Chief Ron Goodale, State Senator Michael More, and State Representative David Muradian gathered on Tuesday, May 15 to recognize Upton Police Officer Matthew Rankins for his valiant efforts in rescuing Andrew and July Crawly from their home during a fire.

On April 16, 2016 at 1:55 a.m. Officer Rankins was on patrol on Hopkinton Road when he noticed smoke coming for the Crawly residence. Rankins noticed flames coming from an attached garage and “quickly went to work awakening the occupants”.

According to Fire/EMS Chief Goodale when Rankins arrived on scene the fire  was quickly spreading  into the main portion of the home where the family was sleeping.

“The actions of Officer Rankins may have prevented a tragedy and cannot be overstated nor should they be taken for granted,” said Chief Goodale. “Due to his vigilance and swift actions the Crawly family, who were asleep at the time of the fire, were safely evacuated just before their smoke detectors were triggered,” he said.

“Officer Rankins would prefer to tell you he was ‘just doing his job’,” said Goodale. “We will be forever grateful to Officer Rankins that he was out there just doing his job.”

Upton Police Chief Bradley congratulated Officer Rankins while presenting him with a Commendation and Life Saving Award.

State Senator Michael Moore presented Officer Rankins with an Official Citation from the State Senate for the quick actions taken to safely evacuate a family and their five dogs from a fire at their home.

Moore said many Officers go through their entire career working their shift, serving the community without having the occasion to put their honor on the line. “The fact an Officer does just exemplifies why the public looks to Police and Fire for all the work they do,” he said.

Officer Rankins was also presented with a  Citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives by Representative David Muradian for his quick and heroic actions to preserve lives and property during a fire. “You are a hero,” said Muradian.

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