Uxbridge PD Issue Warning to Person Who Left Used Needles In Street

Police in Uxbridge issued a warning on their facebook page after a disturbing discovery.


Police found used needles, cotton swabs, and trash in the middle of the street.

Officials warned whoever left the hazardous waste, “You are no longer welcome in our town. You are going down a long path of regret and disappointment, chasing a high you will no longer achieve.” They also advised the offender, “You have three options: Arrest, death, or treatment. Choose the correct one.”


Later officials posted a link providing information on where individuals who are battling addiction can obtain help and wrote, “Those in crisis or need assistance there is help available. UXPD will provide contacts and resources. Please ask if you or someone you care about is battling substance abuse. Stay safe everyone!”

One resident called the department out saying “This is a very different message from “You are no longer welcome,” a much better one, but you’ve used both messages in a day.”

Uxbridge officials replied, “If someone is in need of assistance UXPD will do what we can to assist. If a crime is committed we will also do what we can to solve the crime. If someone is breaking the law or putting people in harm’s way they are “Not Welcome” in Uxbridge…. Addiction does not give you a pass to victimize others and put others in harm’s way.”

Anyone who lives in Upton who is battling addiction or has a loved one who is struggling can find resources provided through the Upton Opioid Task Force on the Town’s website here and here.


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  1. kinda jumping the gun boys huh , those look like diabetic needles, could of fell off a garbage truck , don’t think a junkie uses cotton swabs , think about it , look before you shoot

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