Massachusetts Labor Secretary To Address BVT Graduates

Walker.jpgMassachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Ronald L. Walker, II, will serve as special guest speaker at the Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 25, at 6:00 p.m. in Worcester’s Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Secretary Walker’s participation in the ceremony will send an important message to the class of 2016, according to Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick.

“We are grateful and excited to host Secretary Walker at our commencement ceremony,” Fitzpatrick commented. “As they embark on the next leg of their career pathways, the graduating seniors will be inspired to learn that Secretary Walker is counting on them to serve as key players in the state’s economic success.”

The following is a list of the 289 members of the graduating class of 2016 from Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School. Students and their vocational technical programs are grouped by hometown and listed alphabetically by last name. Membership in the National Honor Society is indicated by (NHS), and membership in the National Technical Honor Society is indicated by (NTHS). Valley Tech is proud to additionally recognize the class of 2016 officers and students speakers: Class President and Valedictorian Theodore Floyd of Upton; Vice President Jared Robert of Uxbridge; Secretary Rebecca Rose of Millbury; Historian Samantha Aicardi of Northbridge; Salutatorian Michael Altavilla of Mendon; and Student Council President Megan Sweeney of Sutton. 


Daniel James Brochu, Construction Technology; Autumn Danielle Campbell (NHS/NTHS), Multimedia Communications; Chance Anthony Cloutier, Painting and Design Technologies; Victoria Elizabeth Dobrowolski, Business Technology; Elizabeth Mary Pu Liu Dorney, Multimedia Communications; Story Elisabeth DuVall, Information Technology; Theodore James Floyd (NHS/NTHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Stephanie Anne Harrison, Painting and Design Technologies; Hannah Elizabeth Hobill (NHS/NTHS), Multimedia Communications; Michael James Jango, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Natasha Marie Leveille, Health Services; Derek Tyler Mager, Information Technology; Andrea Maria Matellian (NHS/NTHS), Multimedia Communications; Nina Phyllis McGee, Multimedia Communications; Brett R. Nasuti (NHS), Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Aidan Paul Olson, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Jason Nadeau Pelland, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Logan Eric Philbrick, Culinary Arts; Russell Henry Poirier, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Spencer William Rogers (NHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Emma Leigh Sexton (NHS/NTHS), Cosmetology; Tyler Benjamin Smith (NHS/NTHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Edward Russell Taylor (NHS/NTHS), Multimedia Communications. 


Michael David Altavilla (NHS/NTHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Jacob David Behrikis, Business Technology; Connor Edward Belland (NHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Julie Hye Jin Cavanaugh, Construction Technology; Michael Vincent Consigli (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Matthew James Gormley (NHS/NTHS), Culinary Arts; Brian Robert Lowther, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Joshua Seth Luttrell, Construction Technology; Jonathan Michael O’Brien, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Peter Robert Pontzer, Jr., Information Technology; Jonathan Joseph Rivernider, Information Technology; Kassidy Paige Sayewich-Elliott, Painting and Design Technologies; Markenson David Sharpe, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Jonathan Walter Siryk (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Sara Patricia Wheet, Business Technology.


Destini Ellen Marie Bemis, Construction Technology; Samantha Louise Bourque, Health Services; Nicolas Joseph Capozzoli, Plumbing; Hannah Elizabeth Cedrone, Dental Assisting; Trenton Robert Compton, Electronics and Engineering Technology; Adam Marcel Coutu, Electrical; Rachel Catherine DeWolfe (NHS/NTHS), Multimedia Communications; Eric James Dill, Electrical; John Alexander Gavin, Electronics and Engineering Technology; Andrew Joseph Jewers (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Shane Thomas Keville-Wagner, Electrical; Jared Michael Killelea, Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing; Bailey Elizabeth Kratschman, Culinary Arts; Robert Raymond Lizotte, III, Construction Technology; Hayley Michele MacNeil, Business Technology; Jamie Irene Mathieu (NTHS), Culinary Arts; Hunter Angus Partington (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Heather Ashley Provost, Painting and Design Technologies; Antonio Steven Edwin Sullo, Plumbing; Lexie Ann Surrette, Cosmetology; Bich Ngoc Jacquelyn Tran (NTHS), Automotive Technology; Olivia Claire Zagame, Construction Technology.


Jacob Paul Bernier, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Andrew Lee Bissonnette, Electrical; Corinne Jeanette Boisseau, Plumbing; Amber Marie Boiteau, Culinary Arts; Kimberly Ellen Buteau, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Kristen Sue Carlisle (NHS/NTHS), Dental Assisting; Alex Frederick Carlson, Information Technology; Abner Damazio de Freitas, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Bret Daniel Deguire (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Brianna Elizabeth Dubois, Construction Technology; Sabrina Ann Farrington, Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing; Darien Rene Giovanella (NHS/NTHS), Business Technology; Ountane Shalott Johnson, Painting and Design Technologies; Kevin Thomas Kennedy, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Anna Priscilla Konowitz, Culinary Arts; Jacquelyn Therese Marchand (NHS), Health Services; Zachary Matthew Marcus (NHS/NTHS), Construction Technology; Kaylee Jean Marcus (NHS/NTHS), Cosmetology; Natasha Lee Materas, Painting and Design Technologies; Heather Marie McKinnon, Plumbing; Jared Healey Morin, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Jake Ryan Osborne (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Delia Elizabeth O’Toole, Multimedia Communications; Samantha Jane Paterson, Multimedia Communications; Mackenzie Paige Remillard, Health Services; Kiley Elizabeth Slowe, Painting and Design Technologies; Kattryna Melanie Villandry, Painting and Design Technologies; Nicole Michelle White, Culinary Arts.


Benjamin Michael Aube, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Benjamin Christopher Boisvert (NHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology; Lauren Marie Brennan (NHS/NTHS), Cosmetology; Madyson Marjorie Christian (NTHS), Cosmetology; Tyler Ross Church, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Ethan Albert Gagnon, Electrical; Emma Lynn Helstrom (NHS), Multimedia Communications; Emily Virginia Kamper, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Cameron James Kearney, Multimedia Communications; Lydia Rose Labonte, Electrical; Nicholas William Laren, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Evan Robert LeBeau (NHS/NTHS), Multimedia Communications; Autumn Rain Lombardi, Culinary Arts; Connor Joseph Nolen, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Corey Marie Parkinson (NTHS), Culinary Arts; Jennifer Marie Peterson (NHS), Multimedia Communications; Mayleena Marie Silva, Painting and Design Technologies; Brian Christopher Soltan, Information Technology.


Oksana Badner Brown, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Mikayla Anne Corda (NHS/NTHS), Health Services; Chanell Sabrina DaSilva (NHS/NTHS), Dental Assisting; Molly Michele Fritchey, Health Services; Tristram Grant Fritchey, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Dannielle Jordyn Giroux, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Chester Jean Hanratty, Electrical; Adrick Tristan Ashton Laflamme, Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing; Steven Edward McGorty, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Elijah Kang Hun Nam, Information Technology; Allison Rose Norquist-Weatherbee, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Kerolos Gamel Asham Seleman, Dental Assisting; Daniel Albert Whitney, Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing; Angelia Rain Wilson, Health Services.


Colin Phillips English, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Zachary Stephen Oliva, Plumbing; Nikolas Akseli Tapanainen, Electronics and Engineering Technology.


Marissa Stephanie Batista, Painting and Design Technologies; Steven Thomas Beaudrot, Information Technology; Victoria Helena Beltran, Health Services; Matthew  Braz, Automotive Technology; Jennesey  Caraballo-Reyes, Dental Assisting; Lucia Patricia Cenedella, Cosmetology; Joseph Thomas Corsi (NHS/NTHS), Plumbing; Matthew John Corsi, Plumbing; Kayla Marie DaSilva, Business Technology; Krista Jo DeCarlo, Culinary Arts; Samantha Lee Donaher, Cosmetology; Steven Thomas Dunn, Construction Technology; Teresa Marie Facey (NHS/NTHS), Culinary Arts; Leticia Rodrigues Fernandes, Multimedia Communications; Lourdes Sa Ferreira, Health Services; Victoria Elizabeth Flodstrom, Health Services; Christopher Brian Flodstrom (NHS/NTHS), Information Technology; Corey Steven Flodstrom, Plumbing; Sabrina  Franco, Cosmetology; Megan Eden Gassett, Culinary Arts; Ryan Benjamin Haartz, Automotive Technology; Abby Taylor Lachman, Culinary Arts; Sydney Nora Luke, Cosmetology; Kayleigh Ryan Magee, Health Services; Michael Francis Malangone, Information Technology; Joseph Albert Medeiros (NHS/NTHS), Plumbing; Tiajiah Marie Mojica, Health Services; Nathaniel Scott Motuzas (NHS), Plumbing; Jacob Jordan Ortega, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Isaiah Santos-Zuriel Ramirez, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Karina Leite Ramos (NHS/NTHS), Health Services; Elizabeth May Rondeau, Health Services; Lileyshca Mari Santiago Villafane, Painting and Design Technologies; Samantha Baraiolo Stewart, Health Services; Jared Andrew Wang, Information Technology; Samantha Alexis Watson, Painting and Design Technologies; Victoria Louise Weisenhorn (NHS/NTHS), Business Technology; Rebecca Ann Weisenhorn, Culinary Arts; Matthew Paul Young, Information Technology; Ryan Joseph Zanella, Electrical.


Rachelle Elise Boudreau, Construction Technology; Seamus John Craig, Plumbing; Justin Paul Duclos, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Madeleine Paris Dufault, Dental Assisting; Abagale Elizabeth Flynn, Health Services; Kristen Anne Froment, Culinary Arts; Chantel Marie Gaboriault (NHS/NTHS), Culinary Arts; Madison Taylor Gasco (NTHS), Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Stephen Richard Hall, Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing; Brittney Elizabeth Hjort (NHS/NTHS), Culinary Arts; Audrey Rose Hopkins, Culinary Arts; Hannah Marie Licarie (NHS), Health Services; Brooke Marie Massicotte, Business Technology; Katelyn Rose Richard, Cosmetology; Rebecca Ann Rose (NHS/NTHS), Culinary Arts; Sophia Rose Wackell (NTHS), Automotive Technology; Catherine Amanda White, Drafting and Engineering Technology. 


Sarah Jayne Axon, Painting and Design Technologies; Kallie Michelle Belanger, Multimedia Communications; Elizabeth Ashley DeNoncour (NHS/NTHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Julia Jane DiCecco, Culinary Arts; Michael Joseph Homand, Electrical; Nicholas John Sturniolo, Information Technology; Nicholas Christopher Turbesi, Drafting and Engineering Technology.


Samantha Paige Aicardi (NHS/NTHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Catherine Marie Aviles, Cosmetology; Nicole Marie Ballard, Health Services; Travis James Bernard, Culinary Arts; Tyler John Brodeur, Electrical; Nicole Noel Carroll, Business Technology; Jessica Michelle Castle (NHS), Painting and Design Technologies; Samantha Rose Cella (NHS), Health Services; Brianna Meghan Coggins (NTHS), Dental Assisting; Denise Michelle Esquivel, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Marc Anthony Flores Perez, Electrical; Nicholas Geoffrey Gies, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Natalie Anne Greenan, Cosmetology; Joseph Michael Hanson, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Michael Connor Hartwick, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Zachary Tyler Hendriks, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Sami Abdul Matthew Kafal (NHS/NTHS), Information Technology; Susan Lorraine Kaiser, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Clarissa Mary Karagosian, Cosmetology; Sarah Elizabeth Lavallee, Business Technology; Victoria Rose Lind (NHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Samantha Jean Lord (NHS), Multimedia Communications; Sarah Ann Manuels (NTHS), Dental Assisting; Matthew Scott Marchant, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Patrick Robert McGowan, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Zachary Richard Novick, Multimedia Communications; Sean Aidan O’Bannon (NHS/NTHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Kayleigh Jean Poudrier, Health Services; Michael Scott Remillard, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Kayla Marie Richard, Business Technology; Ryan Hunter Riddell, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Nancy Khamthongla Sengtong, Business Technology; Brian Wayne St. Francis, Jr., Business Technology; Matthew Christopher Thompson, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Sarah Grace Trudeau, Business Technology; Robert Michael West, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Matthew George Wittenberg, Multimedia Communications; Julia Lee Zechello (NTHS), Culinary Arts.


Nicole Rose Bardier, Dental Assisting; Erika Anne Bovenzi (NTHS), Cosmetology; Samuel Joseph Budnick, Automotive Technology; Abigail Baylee Charpentier, Business Technology; Zachary Austin Corrente, Culinary Arts; Awtumn Virginia Courville, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Carson Eleanor Hope (NHS/NTHS), Health Services; Tyler Joseph Jaillet, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Lauren Elizabeth Mahoney (NHS/NTHS), Culinary Arts; Todd Stephen Mahoney, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Samuel Whittaker Maloney, Information Technology; Stephanie Lynn McGreevey, Dental Assisting; Brianna Lyn McMullan, Plumbing; Nicholas Scott Mongeon, Plumbing; Alyssa May Morse, Business Technology; Kevin Joseph Noonan, Plumbing; Patrick Michael Noonan, Plumbing; Marc Vincent Peladeau, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Samantha Renea Phillips, Health Services; Christopher Rowan Rocheleau, Information Technology; Megan Mackinnon Sweeney (NHS/NTHS), Electronics and Engineering Technology.


Lexxus Leeigh Andrews, Culinary Arts; Haley Marie Ante, Culinary Arts; David George Auclair, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Nicholas Emilio Aufiero, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Olivia Renee Bianco, Dental Assisting; Alexander David Bianco, Electrical; Elijah Robert Boudreau, Electronics and Engineering Technology; Olivia Marie Brochu (NHS/NTHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Travis Herman Butler (NHS/NTHS), Health Services; Hannah Wallis Clark (NTHS), Dental Assisting; Zachary Francis Dagle, Electrical; Nicholas Louis D’Amato, Automotive Technology; Brian Francis D’Ambra, Electronics and Engineering Technology; Tyler James Durran, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Sarena Elise Gervais, Multimedia Communications; Ethan Jacob Goulet, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology; Stephanie Mary Graveson, Cosmetology; Lyndsey Ann Hebert (NHS), Dental Assisting; Erin Margaret Kalousdian, Multimedia Communications; Christopher Jose Lira, Electronics and Engineering Technology; Amanda Jeanne Morin, Multimedia Communications; Emma Mae Noel, Cosmetology; Douglas Richard O’Brien, Jr, Information Technology; Jasmine Alize Oliver (NHS/NTHS), Painting and Design Technologies; Ryan Christopher Pulicari (NHS), Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing; Michaela Lorraine Randall, Multimedia Communications; Daniel Lukas Rice, Automotive Technology; Jared Paul Robert (NHS), Drafting and Engineering Technology; Andrew Raymond Roche, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Christin Lynn Sanchez, Painting and Design Technologies; Hunter  Schreiber, Automotive Technology; Nicole Ellen Sene, Dental Assisting; Nicholas George Serra, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Nicholas Michael Simmons, Plumbing; Lisa Joyce Stefanick, Automotive Technology; Jessica Lynn Stevens, Painting and Design Technologies; Joshua Matthew Trottier, Information Technology; Bradford Carmen Vecchione, Drafting and Engineering Technology; Casey Joseph Veinotte, Culinary Arts; Sharon Renee Wallace, Cosmetology; Taylor Marie Walsh (NHS/NTHS), Dental Assisting; Meghan Riley Wills (NHS/NTHS), Health Services; Maura Anne Wilson (NTHS), Health Services.

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