The Great Upton Hoof Chase

13393288_1265244353499384_549575727_n (1).jpgLiz Reiser didn’t plan on chasing goats around Upton when she made arrangements for a few to hang in her yard to eat poison ivy and overgrowth.

At approximately 7 p.m. on Tuesday she discovered three goats escaped her North Main Street home.

Liz said luckily, “There were three people walking down the street towards Pratt Pond who saw them before we did. They were helping out, slowing down cars.”

“These good people helped us direct them towards our neighbor’s yard,” she said.

Liz said once they were able to leash Oskar the “lead” goat, they were able to leash up the other two with the help of her neighbor.

“It was a pretty exciting escapade for everyone involved,” she said.

After the goats were leashed, Liz and her neighbors walked the escapees home.

Liz sends a big THANK YOU to the people who were walking down N. Main street and her neighbor for their help in corraling the goats and keeping them safe.

Goats have arrived.jpg


  1. Also,The photo credit of Oskar’s head peering over our fence goes to Kris Snook. 🙂

  2. You are very welcome!! They are cute . My mom,sister,nephew and I were headed for a stroll in the cemetery when we saw them in the road. My sister Brandy went for the goats and I waved for the the traffic to slow down and stop. It was not something u see every day. We we’re glad we could be at the right place at the right time. They drive pretty fast up our road.

    1. You and your family were great! Thank you!!! We are so grateful for how cool and calm you all were! BTW the goats are doing a great job now that they are focused on the yard, rather than the escape!

      1. That’s what neighbors are for . Glad to hear they are focused on the job. We are animal lovers and glad they werent hurt .

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