Lights, Camera, Service!

BVT Skills NCTV11.jpgSeen here on the set of “About The Valley” are (left to right): Multimedia Communications senior Rachel DeWolfe of Bellingham; Health Services junior Stacey Muanya of Milford; Community Service team members and Health Services students Josie Burlingame of Upton, Mikayla Corda of Grafton, and Mina Dehestani of Millville; and “About The Valley” host Harry Berkowitz.

Before heading to Louisville, Kentucky, on June 20 to compete for a national gold medal, the Blackstone Valley Tech SkillsUSA Community Service team made one more stop to raise public awareness of its GOALS (Getting Out And Living Smart) campaign. Appearing recently on the “About The Valley” program on Northbridge Community Television, Inc. (NCTV), the Community Service team discussed the GOALS campaign’s efforts to promote tools and strategies that teenagers can develop now and utilize throughout their personal and professional lives.

Community Service team members Mikayla Corda, Josie Burlingame, and Mina Dehestani were joined by classmates Rachel DeWolfe and Stacey Muanya, both of whom will also compete at the 2016 SkillsUSA national Leadership and Skills Conference Championships. Rachel will vie for a gold medal in Photography while Stacey will be up for election as a SkillsUSA National Officer.  A contingent of 23 Blackstone Valley Tech students will participate in the SkillsUSA National Championships, considered by many to be the Olympics of vocational technical education.  

BVT Skills NCTV11.jpg

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