Sen. Moore Appointed to Advisory Committee to the U.S. Attorney General

Senator Michael Moore - PhotographSenator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) was recently appointed to serve on a Global Advisory Committee (GAC) to offer recommendations to the U. S. Attorney General on ways to address information sharing issues within the justice and public safety sectors.
Senator Moore, who currently serves as Senate Vice-Chair of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, and who served for twenty-two years in law enforcement, was selected by his legislative colleagues from across the Nation to serve in this capacity. The GAC is comprised of representatives from more than thirty independent organizations. Among its responsibilities, the GAC provides recommendations to the U.S. Attorney General on best practices to advance information sharing across the justice landscape. The mission of the GAC is to help ensure public safety against foreign and domestic threats, and to provide leadership in preventing and
controlling crime.
“I am honored to have been appointed as a member of this Committee” said Senator Moore. “Having served as a law enforcement officer, and through my experiences as a state legislator, I have gained a unique perspective that I look forward to sharing with the Attorney General and stakeholders from across the Country. I am also eager to learn about global initiatives that are taking place, and hope to share this information with my colleagues and public safety officials here in Massachusetts.”
As a member of the GAC, Senator Moore will represent the Commonwealth, as well as policymakers from across the Country, to discuss matters within the Committee’s jurisdiction. Members of the GAC serve in a volunteer capacity and are not compensated by the Department of Justice.

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