The Arts @ BVT

BVT Art Show 9

A portrait by Multimedia Communications junior Bridgette Donelan of Upton 

The Visual Arts department at Blackstone Valley Tech capped off another year of tremendous growth by hosting its annual Art Show on June 1. From water-color portraits to multimedia displays and figurines formed from deconstructed novels, the Art Show exhibited the rich creative talents of BVT students.

With business and industry increasingly on the look-out for employees with both creative and technical talents, Valley Tech’s Visual Arts department and curriculum play a significant role in preparing students to meet workforce demands. In addition to the annual Art Show, the Visual Arts department produces dramatic plays, hosts a series of presentations from guest artists, and sponsors the BVT Visual Arts Club. With professional artists conducting portfolio reviews and providing feedback, the Visual Arts Club has already helped numerous BVT students enroll in some of the country’s top art schools, including Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the School of Visual Arts NYC.

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