Letter: “Nothing To Do” does NOT Describe Upton This Summer


Big Shout-Out to the Upton Recreational Commission for sponsoring the Thursday Evening Concerts at Kiwanis Beach!  We’ve gone several times and greatly appreciated the opportunity to relax outside and enjoy both the setting and the excellent music.  Plenty of parking, great ambiance, and no cover charge!  If you haven’t attended, only two more 6:30 P.M. concerts are scheduled: Thursday July 28th and Thursday August 4th.  Bring a chair, sit at a picnic table, or, relax on a blanket.  If you don’t have time to cook – hot dogs, hamburgers & sausages are grilled and available for you. This truly is a fantastic evening out so bring your friends and family and prepare for incredible music.  “Nothing to do” does NOT describe Upton in the summer!!  Many thanks to the Recreation Commission for their work in making these concerts available.

Richard & Donna Desjardins

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