Upton Home Condemned Following Inspection Conducted by Animal Control Officer and MSPCA


The home where MSPCA Officials and Upton’s Animal Control Officer (ACO) have been removing cats has been condemned.

According to a press release by the Board of Health, officials responded to the home on August 3 following an inspection conducted by Animal Control Officer, Mike Moran and MSPCA Officer, Nadya Moreno.

“Conditions found in the home were such that the BOH made the determination to condemn the house, due to a public health risk to the occupants,” officials wrote in the release Thursday afternoon.

Owners of 60 School St., Sheila M. Black and Maureen Guido, who are sisters, have cooperated with town officials and are staying with family at this time. The town is assisting the women in “securing long-term housing and to ensure all other needs are met.”

The MSPCA has removed 13 cats at this time, and it is “unknown how many more are present.”

According to the release the Town has “taken steps to apply pest control measures to the exterior of the property in the interest of public health.”

Neighbors have complained about the stench; “you can smell the urine.”

Officials said the MSPCA and the ACO will continue working on the property to remove all cats.

“The BOH is presently working with Town Counsel to obtain an Administrative Court Order from the State to allow the Town to address the conditions found at the property as quickly as possible,” officials said.

Board of Health Press Release




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