A New Set of Readers – BVT Superintendent’s Paper to be Used in Textbook Database

michael-f-fitzpatrickThe reason many people embark on a career path in education is simple: to help people. That spirit permeates everything educators do, and Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Superintendent-Director of Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District, is no exception.

When McGraw-Hill Education publishing reached out to Dr. Fitzpatrick to request to use his white paper “Presenting a Practitioner’s Response to the 21st Century Skills Debate” within their new product “Create,” he did not hesitate to grant his permission.

The product “Create” is a platform for professors to create their own custom textbooks using different content in McGraw-Hill Education’s content library. The website allows professors to choose specific chapters, articles, and pieces to fit the tone of their classes.

Dr. Fitzpatrick’s paper, in its entirety, will join the McGraw-Hill Education library just in time for fall classes to begin.

“It was an honor to receive their request,” Dr. Fitzpatrick said. “Our next generation of educators are in an ideal position to transform educational practices as technology continuously improves.”

The paper describes the ways school districts can help students receive the academic knowledge they need to succeed, as well as the real-world 21st century skills required in the workforce. The suggestions throughout the paper will help the next generation of teachers and administrators create classroom techniques and learning environments that will enable students to be successful in the future.

The article, which can also be viewed on the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development website, will be available on the “Create” platform for a period of three years.

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