Things Are Getting Nutty At The Upton Fire Department

The Challenge is on! Fire/EMS Brothers and Sisters, and the Towns we love and serve, are coming together one more time for a bit of friendly rivalry to see which Department can raise the most weight of peanut butter to help Mission of Hope International, in Grand Goave, Haiti as they continue to help the poorest children in our hemisphere. Full tummies are better able to learn, grow and be healthy—and PB is a great supplemental food for these kids.

The competition began on Monday Sept 12, 2016 and continues to Wednesday Oct 12, 2016. The Dept. with the most weight of peanut butter wins the golden peanut butter jar trophy, with their name added to the base to display in their firehouse. The Upton Fire Dept would like to be the ones to collect the most ounces of peanut butter as this is the first year for us and we would like to be the winners!!

There is a drop off bin in the lobby of the Fire/EMS Headquarters located at 20 Church St. Upton. Or if you would like you can order off Amazon and have it delivered!
Any questions contact Lt. Bonnie Lopez 508-529-3421 or

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