BVT’s Self-Funded Project Receives MSBA Reimbursement

bvtFor Blackstone Valley Tech, getting a second reimbursement installment from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for the 37,200 square foot roofing repair project means phase two of the project is almost complete and preliminary talks can begin for the remaining and final section.

The most recent phase of the roof repair project focused on the 200 wing of the school, which encompasses classrooms as well as the auto collision and repair, auto tech, and electrical shops. The repairs began in June and were substantially complete by the end of August.

Following the district’s commitment to live within its budget, Valley Tech successfully applied, in February 2015, and received, in January 2016, a grant from the MSBA. MSBA authorities have commented that for an educational system to embark and complete a project without bonding is remarkable.

The roof repair project was originally projected to cost $1,157,343, which made it eligible for a maximum MSBA facilities grant of $619,526 – a 53.53 percent reimbursement rate.

The first two reimbursements, which the district is entitled to as cost occurs through progress billing, totaled almost $367,500. Recently, the district submitted its third (unaudited) reimbursement request. Assuming Valley Tech receives the full reimbursement of the most recent request, the district will have been reimbursed approximately 71 percent of the total maximum facilities grant available (based on the initial construction estimates).

The reimbursements will be put towards phase three of the roof project, which is still a few years away.

“The district made a commitment to the MSBA during the initial phase of the roof repair project that it would parlay any MSBA receipts to the next phase of the roof project until all phases were complete thereby alleviating responsibility from the district’s member towns,” said Kurtis W. Johnson, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations.

In order to further curtail impact to member towns, portions of the roof repair project are completed by Valley Tech’s certified staff and students. This practice not only lifts financial burdens, but also gives students valuable hands-on experience.

The completion of the critical roof repair project ensures the safety of the students at Valley Tech, as well as the safety of the investment the district towns have made to make Valley Tech an exceptional academic and vocational institution.

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