Notice of Citizen Forum on Proposed Village Center Zoning Bylaw

The Planning Board in conjunction with the Board of Selectmen will be conducting a Citizen Forum on the proposed Village Center Zoning Bylaw on Tuesday, September 27 at 7:00 pm at Nipmuc High School Auditorium.  Click here for more information

Here is a link to the proposed bylaw.

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  1. I read through the whole master plan. It’s aim, I beleive is for Upton, to be a town more like Westborough or Hopkinton- cute store fronts that HAVE to match the charm of a small town, with a walking downtown charming feel. Another big pro for me, is that the town roads are going to get really widened in those areas- it’s happening. And We don’t want to end up as a truck stop industrial town. This project, I think, would create a charming village center that you can park and walk around in, not big chain stores… I think, am I wrong?. This is my understanding. The second pro is lower taxes if we have more nice safe businesses, our taxes go down. The third thing is that about a decade back, Upton had the opportunity to make the rail yard into a town village- good safe cute businesses- instead, the towns people, being afraid of change, voted it down! and then the Railroad came in and set up an INDUSTRIAL chemical storage facility. Cons to this project: the only con I can see is that it would effect existing homes or businesses in some way. From having read the lengthy document, it seems like people who store broken down trucks on their lawn, would be forced to not do that, in those areas. and to keep them tidy. Maybe no chickens, or building up too high with cumbersome additions? stuff like that. Feel free to correct me. Like I said, this is just my understanding, and points to really consider, or questions we should think about asking, before just being against it and voting no on something that could benefit us in the long run, especially since those main street areas will be getting widened by the state, and could bring in a lot of undesirable businesses. This could prevent that, I don’t know. See you at the meeting!

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