Exclusive Californian Wine Now Available at Central Mass Liquor Store

mooncraft-docxCustomers at Julio’s Liquors can now purchase a wine that has been made exclusively in Paso Robles, California, and is only available at the popular liquor store in Central Massachusetts.

“MoonCraft,” created off the Central Coast of California at the Midnight Cellars Winery, is now a part of the Angel-Share Project that Julio’s Liquors has established. Ryan Maloney, owner of Julio’s Liquors, sent his wine team to California with a goal of bringing the reputable flavors of the west coast back to Massachusetts’ wine enthusiasts.

The team was impressed with how passionate the family-owned winery is about the grapes they grow and the wines they create. The precise craft put into each and every bottle has helped this business become such a success and the winner of over thirty awards.

 “As soon as we tried the exclusive wine, we were over the moon with the flavor Midnight Winery was able to establish for our customers,” says Maloney. “You will understand as soon as you taste, ‘Midnight Cellars.’ As a great table wine, “MoonCraft” fits the dynamic profile for anyone who enjoys the luscious, relaxed feel of New World-style wine. Whether you choose to enjoy it sitting in the backyard, or paired with a delicious meal, this fruit-driven, all-purpose red blend is a flavor for a variety of palettes.”

Ryan Maloney and the wine team at Julio’s Liquors are proud to have “MoonCraft” as their first release in the four-part series of the Angel-Share project. To learn more about the Angel-Share project and the exciting new wines they offer, visit Julio’s Liquors online at www.juliosliquors.com, or call them at (508)366-1942.

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