The Meaning of Public Service By Senator Michael O. Moore


mikeSubmitted by Representation Michael O. Moore

As a state senator, many of my responsibilities relate to crafting policy and representing the views of local residents on Beacon Hill.  However, a less-known function of my office involves assisting constituents every day – hundreds each year – with issues related to state-level government agencies and other entities.

As a public servant, I have the opportunity to help members of the community with navigating through red tape in government, and to spread information about resources and programs available to residents.

Earlier this year, I was approached by several constituents about an issue they faced with their water bill.  In particular, the residents were concerned with the significant cost associated with maintaining and supplying the mandated fire sprinkler system in their housing development.  As it happens, the state agency responsible for reviewing and approving utility rates validated the charges assessed by the water company.

Dissatisfied with the decision, my office, in collaboration with local residents and representatives of the water company, rolled up our sleeves to find a viable approach to addressing the issue.  In the end, we found a way to reduce the overall cost associated with the fire sprinkler services while ensuring that the interests of all parties were taken into consideration.  The rate change is now in the final approval stages by the appropriate state agency.

This situation – one of many – highlights the importance of community, business and government sectors coming together to find practical solutions to problems faced by those in our community.

While I may not have the ability to resolve every issue, I take pride in knowing that my office works hard to advocate on behalf of local residents— often achieving positive results.  If you are a resident of the Second Worcester District who is seeking assistance with a state-level matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office by e-mail,, or telephone (617) 722-1485.  My webpage,, also contains helpful information about the services available through my office.

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