Letter to Donald Trump by Glenn Fowler

letter11/10/16 — The alarm clock went off two days ago! And now, And now America is beginning to wake up! OMG!

Dear Don

Once again we have elected one president by popular vote and another by action of the Electoral College! In years gone by, I have been ok with that. This time, No!

I thought I was alone on this!

But yesterday, last night and today there is a rising of buyer’s remorse like no other. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle are all seeing not just riots in the street, but huge riots, violent riots, multiple arrests in the street with cracked skulls and more; all protesting the election of Donald J Trump to the office of president!

A new comer to politics and no fool, “The Donald” chose the lowest of low roads from the beginning by appealing to the most basic vulnerabilities known to mankind, of which he is an expert. Ego, greed, and winning!

Echoing through history for ever will be; “Crooked lying Hillary. The worst Secretary of State, the most dishonest, THE WORST, put her in jail…” Over and over and over again! Then, “during my first days as President I will launch an investigation, find her guilty and put her in jail, I promise you!”  With huge crowds seeking entertainment as in Saturday Night Live the chant began “Jail Hillary”… and then the red neck promise on national news networks heard all over the world, “I will be a martyr if necessary!” Scary!

In total disbelief! Then; you, the organizers, the party goers, the party itself are shocked to note more than enough electoral votes to make it true! You will be the next president elect.

And then, in your premature acceptance speech, you choose to thank Hillary for her years of wonderful faithful, committed, skilled service and sacrifice to the needs of our country in ever so many ways and now in a kinder, gentler, more understanding face you asked for unity and healing of the great divide you alone created and declared to be present.  So what is true? Was she wicked or was she wonderful? Lier, lier pants of fire! Is it possible, based on recent bad personal and business behavior, with current and working litigation now in progress, you could actually become the first president to service part or all of your time in office as  president, in prison?

Indicted in so many more ways by your own words, your own actions and so skilled in despicable behavior, so quickly honored by our national foes, you may be for a short period in history, a president of a place called America, but you will likely never be a president of the “United States of America” or my president!

“I will present my tax return before the election!”… “I will build a wall!”… “I have divested all of my worldly financial interest to a blind trust in order to take this office!”… “ I will make America Great Again!”   No you did not! No you won’t! Yes, you cannot!  “The United States of America” occurs by agreement of the many people implemented by an elected congress enforced by a supreme court. It does not occur by a single opinion or by a directive of an individual such as yourself. “I will”, “I will”, “I will”…..

Greatness is built on honesty, integrity, trust, reliability, consistency, predictability, intelligent thoughtful decisions, a balance and understanding of all needs among all citizens of this planet… and none of the above can be found in you, your opinions, your actions, your leadership! I can find little or no evidence you have or possess any of these values in your personal, business or political life!

Built on a vast collection of lies, the squishiest foundation of human primordial soup and genetic defects with a litany of insults to all mankind, you continue to promise to devastate and reverse years of progress made by civilization with untold loss of human life to make it true. In the first 100 days you promise to give us an express ride back to December 2008, the door step of a social and economic collapse World Wide.  And then you alone will call it “Great!”?

This massive egotistical dynasty, known as “Trump” is already beginning to sink!

“I just want to help the common people!” Yah! Right! If only it could be true!?

So, if you can’t even clean up the mess you have made in your own little sandbox here, however can you expect to be recognized productively and effectively on the World Stage with real world leaders in total control of theirs?

And so it is in America today!

An opinion of

Glenn Fowler – Upton

P.S. if anyone can figure out how to crack the security wall please forward this message directly to the man! Feel free to use my name!


  1. Funny whenever the Democrats lose a Presidential Election, they blame the Electoral College, and demand its repeal.
    The founders of this country were the forward-thinkers of their time, and purposely set up the electoral college because they new that the hearts of some men seeking political power, or attempting to keep that power would resort to all sorts of dishonesty, manipulation of voters, and chicanery. If we had just the popular vote for President, candidates would only have to campaign in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and a few other states with large cities/ populations. They could ignore the rest of the country. Those states would be the sole deciders of Presidential elections. Due to it’s comparatively low population, your vote in Massachusetts would most likely not have any effect on an election.

  2. Amazing how Mr. Fowler and his ilk can’t see where the real blame lies. Not saying I like Sanders at all but he would’ve made a formidable opponent. But we can’t have the 1st woman president denied now can we Mr. Fowler? Despite all of her obvious failings the heck with Bernie right? Fell the burn Mr. Fowler, feel the burn…

  3. I wish people could write their opinion without sounding so full of hate and name calling. It’s intelligent to express an opinion, cite your information without putting the other person down.

    I never took any kind of debate in my 20 years of education. But 18 years as an educator, life experience and being taught manners yield common sense, dignity & sensitivity to / respect for others.

  4. by the way NO she didn’t…. She won the popular vote. He has lied to you and all of us. You will see who is the real liar in all of this…… People are already dying. People are scared with good reason…. We are in a very dark place in our history.

  5. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    Let me begin by offering you a comfort pony to help you cope……you poor little snowflake. Seeing how I am currently at work generating tax revenue to help support the idiots who are rioting, I will make this quick. Let’s start with your claim of “buyer’s remorse”………….WRONG. Not a single one of the fools running around the streets voted for Trump. In fact, based on interviews shown on main stream media, many of them didn’t even vote. How’s that for foolish ?

    As for your apparent dislike of the phrase “Crooked lying Hillary”, I would point you to the July 7th testimony of FBI Director James Comey. She lied. She has always been a liar. There is not even a debate to be had on the subject. (The “crooked” part was just for fun !)

    You appear quite upset about the fact that President Elect Trump took the high road with his timely acceptance speech. Apparently he is a “liar, liar, pants on fire” in your mind. I would welcome your thoughts on all the kind and loving words between the Clintons and Obamas over the last six months, and how you square the circle of hate they showed in 2008 ? If you need the exact quotes please let me know.

    Now to your claim that Trump could wind up in prison, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was written post the passing of Question 4………ZERO CHANCE and you know it. Pure garbage claim. I hate to even waste time discussing such nonsense but I will. The United States Constitution provides only for impeachment and is silent on the issue of whether federal officials can be criminally prosecuted while holding office. And in case you missed it through your tears on Tuesday night, Republicans control the House and Senate. (not to mention the highest number of governorships since 1922) Case closed. Next.

    Please remember who you have to blame for the current political situation. 1) Obama – This election was a referendum on his policies, as were the last 2 midterm elections in which he got his butt kicked 2) The DNC – The process was rigged to ensure HRC got the nod and that cost her votes 3) HRC – She was the worst possible candidate you could have run with the exception of Anthony weiner……….but apparently he was busy.

    1. It is certainly no surprise to me that mister Fowler would prefer a candidate that Lies almost daily. And by the way, Hillary LOST BOTH the popular vote and electoral vote in spite of documented fraud that amazingly was ALWAYS in favor of Her.

      1. What documented fraud? No-one lies more than Trump. Why no financial disclosure? Why no publicity about HIS charitable fraud, or his “school” for business that defrauded many, many students – money talks. What has he ever done for anyone else but himself? His tax plan gives the money people a break, no break for us who are not part of the money & beautiful people crowd.

    2. Yes, Republic are very happy, I hope you get what you asked for. The midwest refuses to remember that when they had the factories, they constantly struck for more money, and priced themselves out of the market. Unfortunately we will be set back a hundred years, on working conditions, environment, and decency. You forgot, just like Republicans always do, that the Republicans were in “power” when we went downhill financially NINE years ago. As always the Democrats had to try and fix it. OMG! they couldnt fix it overnight! I hope, he doesn’t sell us out to Putin and Assad, but in his world everything and everyone is for sale. Watch out what you ask for, you might get it.
      By the way, Bengasi happened because the Republican congress refused to provide funding.
      Maybe we will survive Trump, but I don’t have much hope.

      1. I love the outrage of “everything and everyone” being for sale. That’s hysterical considering what HRC was selling out of the State Dept. Was that tongue in cheek ? Seriously.

  6. Glenn, you are so right! It seems to me that those middle class, “common” people who voted for Trump voted against their own interests. They just haven’t figured that out yet.

      1. Yes, Frank. Obviously, I do think Hillary Clinton had the middle class people in mind. Time will tell if Donald Trump can do anything for the middle class.

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