Letter: Trump is only about Trump

letterDear Editor,

This letter serves to focus on the negative impact created when politicians become surrogates to big business and special interests. Case in point are corporations practice of paying low wages and restricting hours to avoid providing benefits. This routine in conjunction with corporate political contributions amplifies the controversy.

A primary earner working for minimum wage falls below the threshold needed to support a family. Depressed compensation forces scores of workers with families to hold multiple jobs.

Substandard wages with no benefits forces many workers to reach out for assistance. Taxpayer funded social services are tools to help people in legitimate need. Their purpose is targeted to help relieve financial burdens that are beyond one’s control. Safety nets were not established to subsidize corporations bottom line.

Unfair labor practices make taxpayers an unwitting mechanism in supporting corporations. Taxpayers are not responsible to underwrite companies who implement unfair labor practices.

American workers are a compassionate group. They never hesitate to extend generosity to people in need.

My experiences are that most Americans are family oriented and hardworking. They are only asking for a fair and livable wage, not a hand out.

The message to my working brothers and sisters, many who take a shower when they get home from work is straightforward. Don’t be fooled again. Trump is only about Trump. He sells empty promises and will abandon us when we no longer serve any purpose to his self-promoting agenda.

I ask fellow workers to join the people’s movement and help support Secretary Clinton and Senator Sander’s platform to enforce fairness and equity. Together we will stand our ground and reinforce to any who oppose us that the fight as begun. Trump and associates can take this promise to the bank.

William D. Montenegro – Upton


  1. Fairness and equity? from Clinton ????? She perpetually LIES. Did you NOt realize accepting “Political Donations” from Foreign countries is Illegal? Have you read none of Her Emails??? and Bernie has a new mansion yea that’s equitable

    1. Mr. McMahon,
      In a strange sort of way electing Trump enhances the platform and strengthens our base. Thanks for the help.
      The movement is here to stay.
      Buckle up.

      1. Will there be inappropriate sex acts in the oval office with interns like when Bill Clinton was president?

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