Upton’s Election Result: Goes For Clinton, Cassie, Farm Animals and Weed

electionresultsUpton saw a 82% percent turnout on election day with 4,651 Upton voters casting their ballots at Nipmuc Regional High School.

Wondering how Upton voted? Here you go!


  • Clinton and Kaine (W) 2284
  • Trump and Pence 1808
  • Stein and Baraka 55
  • Johnson and Weld 326

Representative in Congress

  • James P McGovern (W) 3220


  • Jennie Caissie (W) 2447
  • Matthew CJ Vance 1640

State Senator

  • Michael Moore O. Moore (W) 2614
  • Mesfin Beshir 1380

State Representative

  • David Muradian Jr. (W) 3512

Sheriff, Worcester County

  • Lewis Evangelidis (W) 3334


Question 1: No wins with 2691, yes 1793

Question 2: No wins with 2739, yes 1817

Question 3: Yes wins with 3520, no 1055

Question 4: Yes wins with 2526, no 2075

1 Comment

  1. Is this only the people who voted at the school???….. Cause many of us voted early at the town hall.
    Voting early was great but now I guess I need to get to the town hall to get the Annual Report, unless they were not printed yet.

    Nothing was said about them.

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