Muradian and Moore Work with Blackstone Valley Ed Hub to Assemble PPE for Milford Regional Medical Center

Yesterday, Senator Mike Moore, State Representative David Muradian, and Senator Ryan Fattman utilized 3D printers to produce PPE (personal protection equipment) for local medical staff.

The officials were invited to the Blackstone Valley Education Hub, an affiliate of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce which works to provide educational opportunities for small businesses and local public schools with state-of-the-art technology. There, the officials were able to see how the Hub is using their 3D printers to produce PPE  for medical staff at Milford Regional Medical Center.

The officials have noted on their social media platforms how critical the creation and donation of medical supplies is to area hospitals. In his Facebook post, David Muradian invited the community to reach out to him or his office if they have PPE materials they are willing to donate (i.e. face masks, protective suits).



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