VFW Members thank volunteers who helped make the 5k Run to Remember event a success

The Upton VFW held their annual Run to Remember Fundraiser on Saturday, October 5. They appreciate all the help they received in running the event and would like to recognize all who helped make the event a success. There is so much for the VFW members to be grateful for regarding the wonderful success we just experienced with this event.  First and foremost we need to thank the participants who came forward in proud support of Veterans of their choice and even for those chosen at … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Nigro and Eli Tamagni of Nipmuc High School to serve on the Central District of Massachusetts Student Councils Executive Board

Elizabeth Nigro and Eli Tamagni, both sophomores at Nipmuc High School, were elected to serve on the Central District of Massachusetts Student Councils Executive Board (CDMASC) on Monday April 15. The CDMASC consists of 35 schools from around the Worcester and Middlesex counties. It is the largest of the five Student Council regions in Massachusetts. Student Council members running for CDMASC positions campaigned at the regional meeting last week at Hopedale High School. Elizabeth and Eli … [Read more...]