Will you be visiting one of the Upton neighborhoods near BVT for trick or treating?

candyIt’s a great trick to treating spot. There are two neighborhoods which are very popular for trick or treaters and are a whirlwind of excitement filled with as many as 350 princesses, zombies, ghosts, ghost busters, superheroes, and more. The residents who live in the neighborhood have a great time and look forward to the event. They don’t seem to mind supplying candy to the hauntingly huge crowd of ghouls and princesses.

If you are visiting the neighborhood and not parking at a friend’s house, please park at BVT. It’s hard to see kids who are running across the street if the street is packed with parked cars or parents driving their cars to follow their kids through the neighborhood.






  1. I am a resident of the Henry’s Path/Josiah Drive neighborhood. We also buy approximately 400 pieces of candy, and I don’t think we need to advertise free parking across the street. I noticed a few things last night. About half of the parents wouldn’t walk up the driveway with their kids. About half of the kids didn’t say “trick or treat” or “thank you”. Kids were zig zagging in between houses. I’m surprised no one got hurt. I think it would be helpful if there was an officer on Pleasant Street helping people cross the road between neighborhoods. A patrol car going through the neighborhoods a few times wouldn’t be a bad idea either. In the years past I have received bags of candy from random parents with a nice “thank you”. That didn’t happen last night. What we did receive was a lot of litter and candy wrappers in our front yard.

  2. We are all thrilled that you find our neighborhood such a fine place to “trick or treat”, but really, do you think we need you to make this any crazier than usual by advertising it. As it is we have kids and parents coming through from our neighboring towns of Mendon Northbridge and Milford. I need to buy over four hundred pieces of candy and shut off the lights before 8:30 pm. I’m surprised that no kids have been injured by the nutcase parents who are too lazy to walk with their kids but follow them around in their cars. PLEASE, no more support. We will do fine without your publicity. If you want to make this a town wide function then maybe you could get us a detail officer to get the kids across the street and direct traffic. Sheesh, enough already!

  3. Is anyone in the neighborhood accepting donations of candy to help offset the huge amount of candy these neighborhoods give out?

    1. I don’t need any Robin – but that’s very thoughtful of you to volunteer to help some of the young families that spend $$$$ for this holiday.

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