Letter: Consider Mr. Gary Dougherty For Selectman


Dear Editor,

I would like to share observations and comments with respect to endorsing Gary Dougherty for Selectman.

The Boston Globe’s recent survey identifies the Town of Upton as having the third largest tax increase in communities west of the city. The past five years 22.4 percent uplift in property tax overlaps the current Board of Selectmen’s (BOS) tenure. It also matches the time frame of Upton’s first and only town manager who recently negotiated a 3-year contract extension with the BOS.

At the 2/16/16 selectman’s meeting Mr. Fleming publicly attacked my “letters to the editor”. This Boston Globe article supports my 2/22/16 response that repudiates all of his claims including the accusation that my statements “couldn’t be more from the truth”. The Globe report verifies suspicion that the BOS lacks genuine concern for Upton taxpayer’s pocketbooks. Supporting this charge is town council’s confirmation (per the town manager) that only the BOS can create a ballot question regarding an override or underride.

Upton’s financial situation is a reflection of poor management. It uncovers the BOS’s endorsing questionable and unnecessary expenditures, consenting to substandard town supervision and lack of transparency. The Board’s behavior and distortion of facts when questioned gives me reason for pause.

Fiscal discipline must be a priority. Cost conscious approaches need to be explored and implemented. The BOS’s decision to solve Upton’s challenges by “raising taxes” is unsustainable.

I commend all who serve as local elected officials. However, conditions at town hall dictates the need for change. I ask Upton voters to please consider Mr. Gary Dougherty for Selectman.

William D. Montenegro



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